Stickers of the Day: The Ginter Acquisition

As the title suggest Matthias Ginter is the real capture of the weekend, but I got something equally as special first; Freiburg’s kits meaning I now have both their stickers. I like the fact they were in the same packet, he’s not a Freiburg player anymore but they’re still connected. I also got Jonas Hector’s shiny sticker, good timing considering he got the assist for Köln’s goal yesterday:

SC Freiburg Trikots - Bundesliga 2015-16 stickerMatthias Ginter - Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga 2015-16 stickeJonas Hector - 1.FC Köln - Bundesliga 2015-16 stickerSpeaking of excellent timing getting Kevin Volland’s Euro 2016 sticker this weekend past is certainly fitting. After all he scored the very late equaliser for Hoffenheim against Köln yesterday. Though I still maintain he shouldn’t be in the album at all. There’s space for him but not for Matze or Jonas, that’s just wrong.

Kevin Volland - Germany - Euro 2016 Schoolshop sticker Toni Kroos - Germany - Euro 2016 Schoolshop sticker Vladimir Darida - Czech Republic - Euro 2016 Schoolshop sticker Robert Lewandowski - Poland - Euro 2016 Schoolshop sticker

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