Forever Seeking Clarity

I’m forever trying to make sense of things, to work out exactly what something means. It seems like I’m forever destined to be searching for some sense of clarity. A lot of the time I have no idea what I’m doing or why but then does anyone? This is precisely where I’m going wrong, expecting everything to make sense, some things just are. Unfortunately it’s in my nature to analyse and pick everything apart. In particular when it comes to other people. Now there’s are another place I’m going wrong, expecting other people to make any sense at all. But then I probably don’t make much sense to them either. Some questions I had to answer yesterday made me realise that whilst I don’t get that much about other people they probably feel the same way about me. The questions were in relation to a relative’s child who’s recently been diagnosed with autism. The gist of it was they wanted to know what the difference is between a NT nine year old and an autistic one. They’re trying to learn how best to interact with them and to figure out what’s just normal nine year old weirdness and what’s because of the autism. A little bit naive perhaps, thinking you can work that out and separate the two that way. Even more naive was them thinking I would be able to answer their question. Because as it turns out I really don’t know anything about kids. The other day I read something which said that kids with Aspergers are adults waiting to happen. That’s a perfect phrase and in a way sums me up pretty well. As it turns out I couldn’t really answer any of their questions but we had a fascinating conversation nevertheless.

Things make no more sense than they did at the start of the week but they’re getting there. Helpful on that count is Germany’s resounding 4-1 defeat of Italy and a few other amusing events this weekend. I know it’s wrong to take enjoyment from someone else’s suffering yet it’s what you do every weekend in football. Freiburg haven’t even played yet there’s still something for me to enjoy, yesterday H96 lost to HSV meaning they are now all but relegated. I mean it’s still mathematically possible for them to survive but no-one believes it’s going to happen. Not only do Eintracht Frankfurt and Hoffenheim have 10 and 11 points more than them they’re also not in nearly as bad form. This illustrates their situation perfectly, so doomed are they to relegation when they show the live table during a match they don’t even bother showing H96 in 18th place:

Blitztabelle – Bundesliga 28. Spieltag 15-16Am I being a little too gleeful about the matter? Maybe I am, but with them taking both Sorg and Klaus I can’t help but take some enjoyment from their predicament. It’s especially ironic in the case of the latter since Freiburg acquired him from Greuther Fürth when they got relegated, meaning he’s getting relegated twice in a row. In a further twist of irony Freiburg play Greuther Fürth tomorrow night. There’s plenty of things to stress out about right now but I’m ignoring all of them. Equally I’m not going to rant about the pointless of autism awareness week when the charity mainly concerned with it seems more interested in sharing misinformation more than anything else and has little interest in helping autistic adults. All I’m thinking about is tomorrow’s game and stickers, everything else can wait. Getting Matthias Ginter’s sticker is a pretty perfect way to end the weekend and just to make it a little more perfect in the same packet was the sticker of Freiburg’s kit:

SC Freiburg Trikots - Bundesliga 2015-16 stickerMatthias Ginter - Borussia Dortmund - Bundesliga 2015-16 sticke

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