Going with the Flow

I’m not so good at going with the flow, I always need to have a plan of some kind. To know what’s happening and when. Making any kind of plans quickly begins to resemble a military operation of some sort, even for the simplest of things. Not so this week, for the past few days I’ve been unusually laid back. It’s not because there’s nothing to be worry about, or that all my problems have been magically solved. I’m not really sure why, other than Freiburg’s terrific 2-1 win over RB Leipzig. That was on Monday night and I’m still ridiculously happy about it. Whatever the reasons I’m not my usual anxious self. I know this won’t last but I’m trying to make the most of it whilst it does. It’ll certainly last a little longer because of the results of tonight’s games, St Pauli losing 4-3 to Paderborn which means an eight point gap between them and 1.FCN. The latter unfortunately beat Bielefeld 4-0, so they’re level with Freiburg on 50 points. Well you can’t have everything I suppose.

Going with the flow is normally an expression which for me has negative connotations, one which means I do what other people want me to or what they think I should be doing. Not because it’s what I want but because I have a tendency to pick the path of least resistance. In other words I go along with what they say, saying I’ll do whatever is they want and later on spend all my time trying to fix it. Today it’s a phrase which has a positive meaning. I’m not adopting that attitude to make my life easier, actually I didn’t even decide to do so. It just happened by itself. It’s positive because I’m not obsessing over what I could be doing better right now or criticizing myself for not having gotten enough done. I haven’t done much this week, though the monster post I put together for Monday night’s game kind of makes up for it. Apart from that the only things of note I’ve done is doing a good deed in relation to a video and coming up with a new name for my YouTube channel. Keeping Saga’s name was not an option, not just because it’s not relevant to football but because I don’t want her name there or anywhere else for that matter. She’s no longer the hero to me she once was. Schwolow on the other is very much a hero of mine, even more so after Monday night. Hence the new name “SnowKing Schwolow.”

Taking it easy is not something I find at all easy, ironically it’s something which normally takes a lot of effort on my part. Right now it’s required no such effort, it just is. I’m not stressing out over it, just going with it. There’s going to be plenty of other things for me to stress out over in the future, I should just enjoy this whilst it lasts. Whether I’d be in such a good mood if Monday night’s game had gone differently I don’t know and now is not the time for picking over such things. I’m just happy they won and content not to obsess over the alternatives. Same as I’m not going to obsess over what part the weather played in the victory, if it hadn’t snowed what effect it might have had on the proceedings. It was a strange night and it’s been an even stranger week, but all that matters is they won:


2 responses to “Going with the Flow

  1. I do wish I were more Type-A LOL. I hate planning xD

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