The Final German & The Road to Completion

With the arrival of Erik Durm my Euro 2016 album is one step closer to completion, he was the final German I needed to complete their page. I now just have one sticker left before the whole album is finished, the missing sticker being number 326, Herr Kari Arkivuo of Finland. I hope this time around it works out. I got one of him just before Christmas and he was damaged. This time I hope he’s perfect. It’s nice in a way, it’s my final sticker and for the person I’m trading with it’s their first swap online. Anyhow, Erik Durm’s sticker and the complete German pages:

Erik Durm - Germany - Road to Euro 2016IMG_20160226_160252Seeing as how one collection is almost done I figure it’s the perfect time to start another one. The next one I’m embarking upon is the Bundesliga 2013/14 album. I’ve opened 10 packets so far and am very happy that in those fifty stickers is two Freiburg players, Matthias Ginter and Oliver Baumann. Also most amusing was the fact I got both Lars and Sven Bender. Even better is not only were they in the same packet but right after each other:

IMG_20160219_220333img_20160219_220420  Matthias Ginter - SC Freiburg - Bundesliga 2013-14 stickerOliver Baumann - SC Freiburg - Bundesliga 2013-14 stickerSven Bender - Dortmund - Bundesliga 2013-14 stickerLars Bender - Leverkusen - Bundesliga 2013-14 sticker

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