Longing for Gravity

Longing for Gravity

You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?

Well one thing is for certain I wouldn’t miss other people all that much. I would be fine never seeing anyone ever again, I really would. I probably wouldn’t get lonely either, or rather I would but I’d have no trouble in dealing with it. I’m used to it by now. Imaginary friends are the order of the day once more. It’s kind of my default setting, as is not being able to do anything about it. Too lonely to be by myself but it’s too hard to be around other people. At least if I were on a mission to Mars I would no longer be troubled by such thoughts. I would imagine I’d have far more pressing issues to deal with.

As for what I would miss,  I don’t know if you could watch football on Mars or on the journey. Just in case you can’t that’s the first thing on my list. Things like Lewandowski’s incredible five goals in just under nine minutes against Wolfsburg last year. A feat he didn’t match today, he just got the one. But the pre-match show had a great little segment on it. They showed all five of those goals but in different languages; in English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese. The Portuguese commentator in particular is brilliant. I call it Lewandowski: Five Goals in Five Languages

Scoreboard - Lewandowski - Bayern WolfsburgI’d also miss good food, like currywurst, spaghetti and meatballs and Nutella. Not to mention stickers, there’s one thing you definitely won’t be able to get on Mars. I’ve traded with people from lots of different countries, by now; for example Russia, Hungary, Finland, Brazil and Romania but never anyone from another planet. I think most people would draw the line at sending stickers to Mars, even if it were possible. That would mean I’d miss out on special stickers like the one below. It’s Joachim Löw’s sticker from the Deutschland sammelt Deutschland album. Unfortunately Hansi’s not in there too which hardly seems fair seeing as how both Jogi and Klinsi are in the 11 Freunde album. Which Hansi is also not in. But at least Jogi’s sticker is cool:

IMG_20160227_205138There is one surprising thing I’d miss and that’s the weather. I wouldn’t have thought that would make my list, seeing as how me getting outside is such a rare occurrence. Surely the weather makes no difference to me, but actually it does. Not least because sometimes it gives me ideas for stories. Two days ago after training Amir Abrashi was interviewed and they were talking about snow. My German is not perfect and Abrashi is not the easiest of people to understand. He’s Swiss-Albanian and to make it more difficult he talks about as fast as he runs, there’s a reason I call him Triple-A and it’s not just his initials and his nationality. So I checked the weather in Freiburg just to double check what I’d heard and he really did say snow. Though happily it didn’t snow today, the sky was clear for their game against 1.FC Kaiserslautern, a game which they comfortably won 2-0.

The other thing I would miss very much is trains, though as it turns out you don’t need to go outside to enjoy those. Last night whilst I was meant to be watching Cologne’s game I came across some very cool videos on YouTube, train journeys in Germany, more specifically Stuttgart, like this one:

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