Quirk of Habit

Quirk of Habit

Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

Reading this prompt I mistakenly thought it would be easy, after all there’s lot of things about other people that annoy me. But when I got to thinking about it I realised a lot of those things aren’t really quirky habits, just normal human behaviour. It’s me who finds them strange, like people who insist that I can’t possibly be listening to them because I haven’t once looked at them or aren’t facing them. What they fail to understand it’s precisely because I’m not looking at them that I can listen to them at all.

I had to think hard about the people I spend the most time with to come up with something that annoys me. I know there’s a few things about certain people that would annoy others but they don’t annoy me because I’m used to it. Nor do I really consider them quirky habits. For example my brother used to make animal noises which understandably a lot of people find bothersome but to me it was just normal.

I did however come up with something, people who pick at things. People who always have to play with something. I’m thinking of one person in particular who keeps playing with the corner on the case of their iPad. The noise drives me crazy and every-time they do it I think of the scene from Plastic in which Thomas Kretschmann’s character smashes a tablet over someone’s head. That’s how much it bugs me. But I would never do that, I’d never smash up a tablet. Not least one that contains pictures of Bucky.

There are other things which annoy me which I suppose could be considered quirky habits. But they aren’t other people’s, they’re mine. Like my almost compulsive collecting for example, the difficulty I have in throwing stuff away and the way I talk over people. I know I shouldn’t do it, I’ve been reminded a million times and yet when I get carried away talking about a special interest I still do it. Randomness is another thing I can find annoying. I love it as much as I hate it. It leads to some interesting conversations but sometimes I don’t just confuse other people but myself.

Obsessiveness is something else I have mixed feelings about. I used to like it, the way I devote myself to one thing to the exclusion of everything else. Now I’m not so sure. Someone once told me they admired and liked my obsessive focus, even if they often found my subject choice quite baffling. I’m wondering if they feel differently about it now. If it at first it seems like a cute and quirky little habit but once you’ve had to deal with it for several years it maybe starts to get a little wearing.

Right now there’s room for only a few things in my mind. First is of course Jogi and Hansi, then Freiburg, Manuel Neuer and the new addition is the winter soldier. He’s my first non-football obsession in quite a while. It’s certainly been a long time since I liked someone enough to go out and buy up as many of their films as I can get. At first it was just Bucky I liked but now I’m starting to appreciate Sebastian Stan too. Though for me I’ll always like him the best in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It’s his wonderfully long hair that seals the deal and that intense look in his eyes.

Winter SoldierAs for what quirky habits I like unreservedly, Manuel Neuer has to get a mention here. I love the way he often finds someone to celebrate with when a goal is scored. No matter where he is he’s determined not to be left out of things, he wants a hug too and not even having to run half the length of the pitch will stop him:

Manuel_Neuer_celebrates_Wolfsburg_v_Bayern_DFB_PokalManuel_Neuer_celebrates_Bayern_v_DortmundManuel_Neuer_celebrates_Bochum_v_BayernThere’s another special moment of Neuer’s I love too, this one here:


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