Roaring Laughter

Roaring Laughter

What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?

Yesterday served up two such moments. The first was Mats Hummels’ almost own goal against Ingolstadt. I say almost because whilst he did put the ball in his own net the goal did not count, apparently he’d been fouled by being pushed to the ground. The referee agreed with him but I’m not sure I do. Either way it was very funny to watch, I may like Roman Bürki and I feel bad for him but it doesn’t change how hilarious it was. As for why it’s so funny, I don’t really know. I suppose part of it comes from the fact I’m not a huge fan of Hummels to being with and whilst I’m sure it’s wrong to enjoy someone else’s misery I can’t help but doing so a little. The other reason may be because Christoph Kramer scored a similar goal last season whilst he was a Gladbach player, unfortunately for him it did count.

Hummels_almost_own_goal_Dortmund_v_IngolstadtThe second moment is one which occurred during Stuttgart’s 2-1 victory over HSV yesterday, their coach Jürgen Kramy got very excited when the second goal was scored and due to that and how slippery the pitch was he ended up on the ground with Daniel Didavi practically on top of him:

J_rgen_Kramy_celebrates_VfB_Stuttgart_v_HSVI do also have a non-football answer, it’s been a while since I saw this video for the first time but it’s funny enough to warrant a mention. Simply because I don’t enjoy funny videos that have kids in them, it’s just not me. But put in a cat doing something funny and you have my attention. This one is simply adorable and makes me laugh every-time I see it. In fact I only have to think of the way the baby is kicking and flapping excitedly and it makes me laugh:

Normally for a post like this I would write something Jogi related. One thing is for certain there’s no shortage of Jogi funny moments. There was a comment someone made about him in real life that makes me laugh just thinking about it. But I can’t put that on here. It’s not just the initial comment which was so funny, it’s what followed. That is the person in question reassuring me they weren’t being mean about Jogi. Saying that they would never do such a thing lest I go all Hans Landa on them. I have no idea what that means but it’s funny. Whilst I can’t write what they said I can put the picture here which led to their comment:

Joachim Löw picture 3 – Stuttgart v Dortmund 1996-97 programSeeing as how I’ve posted that I feel compelled to add a Jogi GIF now, in fact I’ll go one better, a pair of Jogi & Hansi GIFs. Funnily enough the ceremony in question took place just a few days after Kramer scored his embarrassing own goal for Gladbach:


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