The Day of Matze: Jogi & Hansi’s little Freiburger

Normally Jogi only has eyes for Hansi but not today. Today Jogi only has eyes for his sweet little Matze. All day he’s barely left his side and then only when Hansi made him. So focused is Jogi on Matze that Hansi’s sure he could take his shirt off right here and now and Jogi wouldn’t notice at all.

When it came to putting Matze to bed Jogi was every bit as intractable as he had been the rest of the day. Instead of putting Matze in his cot as he was meant to he was lying with him on the bed. Seeing the two of them there looking adorable as each other Hansi didn’t want to disturb them but he has no choice. For one thing the way Jogi’s stretched out on the bed has left no room for him. Despite this Hansi has no desire to make him get up, not just yet. He wants to enjoy having them both so close for a little while. So he sits next to Jogi on the bed and lets one hand come to rest in Jogi’s favourite place. With the other he gently rearranges and tidies Jogi’s hair.

Sitting here and laying a hand on Jogi probably wasn’t the best idea. Because now Hansi’s here he doesn’t want to let go of Jogi. Same as he doesn’t want to let go of Matze. Or to be more precise Matze won’t let go of Jogi. Just this minute one of his unbelievably tiny little hands has a tight a grip as he can on one of Jogi’s fingers. With his other hand Jogi is softly tracing an outline of Matze from head to toe, as if he’s afraid to actually touch him.

Feeling how tired Jogi is and seeing the way he’s fighting to keep his eyes open Hansi has to admit defeat and tell him to go to bed. In a bid to get his attention Hansi doesn’t address him directly, instead he half whispers to Matze “You need to let go of your Papa Jogi now, he needs to sleep.”
Hearing this Jogi turns slightly towards Hansi and smiles appreciatively at him.
“Just five more minutes, please.”
“No, you need to sleep, now. Matze will still be here in the morning and he’ll be just as perfect then.”
“No he won’t.”
“What do you mean?”
“He’ll be even more perfect tomorrow. He’s just like you, he gets more perfect every day.”
“That’s sweet and all the more reason for you to go to bed.”
“Let me keep Matze here.”
“No, no way. I know you, do something once and it becomes routine.”
“I don’t want to be away from him.”
“He won’t be that far away, you can see him from here.”
“Will you put him to bed for me?”
“Are you sure? His first night home, I thought you’d want to do it.”
“I’m too tired to move. You can do it, I trust you. You take good care of me; you’ll take good care of Matze of too.”
“Ok, I’ll do it. Say goodnight to him first.”
“Goodnight Matze. Hansi’s little Matze, be good for him.”

Before he picks up Matze first Hansi runs his fingers through Jogi’s hair, it’s impossible to be so close to Jogi and not do so. Picking Matze up from the bed Hansi watches as Matze’s little hand unfurls itself from around Jogi’s finger. Keeping his eyes fixed on Jogi he then watches Jogi begin to fall asleep. To a sleeping Matze he quietly says “Typical, now I have two of you to put to bed.”

Putting Matze in his cot and tucking him in Hansi then turns his attention back to Jogi. Hansi could make his life easier by waking Jogi up but seeing how adorable he looks he simply can’t bear to wake him. Two things are clear to Hansi. Firstly, whether he wants to or not he has to move Jogi. If he doesn’t there’ll be no space for him on the bed. Jogi may enjoy sleeping on the floor but Hansi most definitely does not share his appreciation of it. Secondly he has to at least remove Jogi’s shirt. No matter how fixated is on Matze if he wakes up to find himself still wearing a shirt it will not be a pretty sight. Taking a moment to think it through Hansi sits next to him on the bed, he then gets to work unbuttoning Jogi’s shirt and moving as cautiously and swiftly as he can he rolls him over to take it off. Getting the rest of his clothes off is easy in comparison to accomplishing this. It’s certainly easier than dragging him into bed and removing the blankets from underneath him.

By the time Hansi’s done he’s almost too exhausted to move another inch. The sight of a sleeping Jogi in front of him makes him reconsider. All of a sudden he finds just the right amount of energy to place his hand on Jogi’s lower chest. Equally he has no trouble finding the energy to move his hand upwards to trace his fingers across Jogi’s ever so soft and delicate skin. He stops when he reaches Jogi’s shoulder and then begins to trace his fingers down his arm. Feeling each and every muscle on the way down he thinks of all the times Jogi grabbed hold of him with this arm. Of all the times he’s pinned him in place and had some fun of a very different kind. Finally he thinks of the gentle way he held Matze earlier. Of the way he looked almost afraid to touch him, as if he would accidentally hurt him. Hansi had no such worries when it came to Jogi. He’s seen the careful and tender way he hugs his players. More to the point he’s been on the receiving end of such a hug many a time.

Reaching his hand Hansi takes a moment to luxuriate in how soft it is before taking hold of it and keeping hold as he lies down next to Jogi. Getting comfortable he pulls the blankets up over Jogi and snuggling up next to him allows his head to come to rest on his chest. Watching Jogi sleep he thinks of how happy he looked earlier and of the anxious yet adorable way he’s kept watch over Matze all day long. Of what it took to get him to come up here. His hand enjoying the soft sensation of Jogi’s skin he can understand why he didn’t want to let go Matze. Truth is Hansi would love for Matze to be lying here between them. He’d love to spend the night here watching him sleep too. But he’s not stupid enough to make that mistake. He knows if he lets it happen once it’ll take forever to get Jogi out of the habit. As things stand he has to content himself with feeling and listening to Jogi breathe, a habit he never tires of.

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  1. Please do some more episode!!! These stroies are wonderful.

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