Can’t Stand Me

Can’t Stand Me

What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

The prospect of both is equally unbearable. I can’t stand the idea of all my quirks being caught on video. The idea of video footage existing of me would be bad enough but actually watching such a thing myself would be horrible. I can live with my strange little habits but not with watching them. Listening to a recording of my voice would be just as bad. I don’t want to hear just how strange I sound. That’s if I even got to hear me at all because I’m something of an accidental mimic. That is I without meaning to can pick up the accents and manner of speaking of the people around me.

I have to admit it’s quite ironic that I myself would hate to be recorded in any way because one of my favourite things to do is making Löw highlights. So whilst I’m delighting in watching and listening to Jogi or Hansi I feel quite the opposite way when it comes to me.

On the subject of Jogi I had my first Jogi dream of the year last night. Well the first one I can remember anyway. It’s not really relevant to this post other than the Jogi connection but a little randomness never hurt. The dream in question involved a football match. I don’t know who was playing or what kind of match it was. I don’t even know if I was actually there or not. It didn’t feel like I was watching it on TV but then it didn’t entirely feel like I was there either. What I do know is I was looking for Jogi. It was as if  I expected to find him in a certain place, in the section of the crowd I was searching because I was most disappointed when he turned out not to be there. I was even more disappointed I couldn’t find Hansi. Part of the problem was resolved when somehow I was pointed in the direction of the bench where sure enough Jogi was sitting. But still not Hansi. A fact which annoyed me. Until I realised what was odd about the situation. Hansi wasn’t there but neither was a certain other person meaning Jogi was sort of by himself. I say sort of because there were two people there, one either side of him but he seemed not to know that. And Andreas was there too further down on the bench.

Like I said I have no idea what type of match it was, if it was a club match or an international. So obviously I have no clue as regards the teams either and which one was Jogi’s. There’s only two further things I remember which are worth mentioning, seeing Jogi smile and seeing red shirts. The latter is of particular importance, Germany don’t wear red anymore but Freiburg do. It’s a nice thought, Jogi in charge of Freiburg, even if it’s just a dream. I like Christian Streich just fine and would not want to see him leave, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. There’s also an entirely rational explanation for the dream. Today I’m watching a repeat of the Stuttgart-Wolfsburg game which Jogi was at, I’ve seen the picture but don’t have video. It’s funny in that sense because Jogi of course coached Stuttgart for two seasons, so the confusion between where to look for him is explainable too.

One other random thing I have to mention. Today is Matthias Ginter’s 22nd birthday. Happy birthday Matze. And in honour of his special day some of my favourite pictures of him:

Matthias Ginter 9Matthias Ginter - BVB v S04 12Matthias Ginter - BVB v S04 9I knew Matze’s birthday was on the 19th and I definitely know this Friday is the 22nd because that’s when the Bundesliga returns. And yet I somehow forgot that his birthday was this Tuesday. It’s important because I said I would consider posting a certain story on his birthday but I said that thinking I had a week to decide. Instead I have seven hours. Typical, I spend a lot of time wishing there was no-one around so I can have some peace and quiet and now there’s no-one here I wish there someone was here so I could ask their opinion. I’ve posted quite a few of my Jogi stories by now but never a little Matze one. It would be nice since I haven’t posted any Jogi adventures in a while. The ones I’m working on at the moment are definitely not going to be put online, they most definitely come under the category of for my eyes only. I just hope someone gets back whilst it’s still daylight at least.

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