An Acquired Taste

The Artist’s Eye

Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.)

Unless you’re counting films in that definition then art most definitely does not speak to me. If paintings could indeed speak and just tell me what the hell they are meant to mean then I would probably have more patience with the matter. But as things stand I associate art with being dragged around galleries and being asked “how does this make you feel?” It’s like therapy in a way and just as annoying, though it doesn’t have the luxury of being able to sit in one place for an hour knowing you don’t have to get up.

I have no interest in art whatsoever. Many moons ago in film class we watched part of film called Spellbound. Because of this film we were supposed to go off and read a little about surrealism. I got bored after the first page but I didn’t get into trouble for not doing what I was meant to. I was saved by an episode of The Simpsons I saw that weekend which luck would have it was the one which parodies that film. I took extensive notes on it and said notes helped to deflect some attention from me not having done what I was meant to.

Beyond my frustrations in regards to being asked how something makes me feel I’m not sure why art doesn’t speak to me. I can at least explain why that’s so frustrating. When I say a painting or something else makes me feel nothing you can guarantee that the other person will assume I’m having trouble making sense of my feelings or expressing said feelings. That’s not always the case, sometimes nothing really is nothing. Even I have the right to feel nothing, to not have anything to say. I don’t always need or appreciate their somewhat leading questions. Sometimes people are just trying to help but in doing so they can make things worse. I wasn’t angry or stressed out before but I might be after having to listen to their questions and explaining to them they aren’t necessary. When I ask you to stop talking you should do so straight away, not after you’ve finished your sentence, not 30 seconds from now, but right now.

There’s a scene from a documentary I saw a long time ago called Growing Children. I don’t remember why they were in an art gallery or what exactly the documentary was about. What I do know is that the autistic guy was in an art gallery with a woman who was either the presenter or some kind of medical professional or autism expert. Point is she was showing him her favourite painting and she appeared to be surprised that he didn’t have the same emotional response to the painting as she did. To him it was just a girl staring at him. Thing is one of the things the documentary talked about was theory of mind and how autistic people can assume that everyone feels the same way they do about something, that they may not grasp that someone can feel differently and may not understand how and why this can be true. Which is not exactly true but that’s a whole other rant which I really can’t be bothered to write at the moment.

It makes me angry because that’s exactly what she was doing. Assuming that someone would feel the same way about the painting she does. Of course it won’t mean to him what it means to her. Even I know and understand this. Him not sharing her view or understanding her feelings in relation to the painting is not necessarily autism related. Why can’t it be just that he didn’t like the painting. I’m sure if I asked enough people I could find some who have no interest or understanding of art whatsoever.

I didn’t get why she would like that particular painting so much but that’s fine. I’m sure, in fact I know there are things I like or think are great other people just can’t make any sense of. For every GIF or video I make that amuses someone there’ll be a couple more which baffles them. For example whilst I may have converted a few people to the Löw cause I am for the most part alone in my fascination with Christian Streich. A fact which doesn’t bother me in the slightest, because he is very much an acquired taste and is too strange for some people. Not so for me, for me he’s just the right amount of strange.

Seeing as how some NTs like to put autistic people into boxes and categories and for every aspect of our personality to be classified as a trait or characteristic of some kind maybe we should do the same to them. Maybe it should be given a name, this way in which they need other people to feel the same way they do.

You want to see a work of art, or a work of art that I’m drawn to, well this afternoon’s Bundesliga highlights served up just that. And for once it’s not Jogi related, it’s Manuel Neuer:

Manuel Neuer - Christmas 1 Manuel Neuer - Christmas 2 Manuel Neuer - Christmas 3 Manuel Neuer - Christmas 4 Manuel Neuer - Christmas 5 Manuel Neuer - Christmas 6 Manuel Neuer - Christmas 7As for getting into the Christmas spirit well Freiburg haven’t played yet so the jury’s still out on that. But whatever happens tomorrow it won’t as badly as last Christmas. True they’re in the 2.B but at least they are at the right end of the table and regardless of tomorrow’s result that fact will remain true. I know I shouldn’t enjoy someone else’s misery but sometimes you just can’t help it. Because they lost to Bayern 1-0 today and because of other results, not least Stuttgart’s terrific 3-1 victory over Wolfsburg, H96 find themselves spending Christmas in 17th place. This time last year they were in 8th and it was Freiburg at the foot of the table and Dortmund just above them. It’s probably also wrong that I’m a little happy about the fact that they have one less point than Freiburg did this time last year and that they’ve lost 11 whereas Freiburg had lost six.

screenshot-www bundesliga com 2015-12-19 19-50-33

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