Time is just a Number

Because the Night

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

Normally I would say I’m more of a night owl, I much prefer night time, the later the better. Not only do I think better then but I’m happier, for the simple reason that things are quieter. There’s fewer people around and more importantly my ears and brain are not assaulted with the ever present sounds of chit chat.

When valuable resources aren’t being used on defending myself from such things I can actually think straight. It’s in the darkness that I get my best ideas. With that in mind it’s most unfortunate that I like going to the cinema so much. It’s the perfect environment for me and for coming up with ideas. It’s most frustrating, having to focus on the film and at the same time trying to keep the idea in my head.

Things right now however are a little different. Right now there seems to be little difference between night and day, I have the winter darkness to thank for that. Not that I’m complaining, I love how the weather is right now. Most other people don’t but I do. And despite what some people say it’s not because I get to stay inside as much as I want. I’d be just as happy if I had to go out in such weather every day too. I know because I’ve done it, though not recently.

At the moment time is somewhat of a meaningless concept, a meaningless as that of the days of the week. Time is just numbers on a screen, the only thing they mean to me is whether or not there’s football on yet. Same thing with the days of the week. In fact it’s only because of football that I know what day it is. Though right now I’m a little confused on that count, in my mind I’m convinced it’s Thursday, it feels like Thursday to me. Such confusion is because of my sleeping pattern these past few days and the last 16 round of the DFB Pokal. The word pattern is misleading really, because I don’t think it’s much of pattern. It’s more of a grab a few hours sleep when you can kind of routine.

As a result I don’t remember much of the past week. There are however a few things that I can most definitely not forget, I suppose it’s fitting that two of the three things are little things, in the case of the Jogi related one it’s just a few seconds of video footage. But it is a very important few seconds, it’s footage of him lifting his first ever trophy as a coach. The Thomas Tuchel related thing is even more of a little thing, just one picture, but it’s a very nice picture.

Joachim Löw – DFB Pokal Final 1996-97 1Joachim Löw – DFB Pokal Final 1996-97 2Joachim Löw – DFB Pokal Final 1996-97 3Young Thomas Tuchel pictureAs tired and confused as I am there is one thing I cannot fail to remember, that today is Petersen day. Door number 18 of the SC Freiburg advent calendar, who else would be there to greet you but Nils Petersen. It’s not really relevant to this post but I think Nils Petersen always deserves a mention. On a related note I find myself wondering what to do with the box of the die Mannschaft advent calendar. It’s too big to find a space on any of my shelves for and even if it weren’t too nice to simply throw away or recycle I would still want to keep it. As it stands it is too nice to get rid of, but you aren’t mean to keep advent calendars, are you? But then most advent calendars aren’t as nice or over-sized as this one is. It doesn’t look especially Christmassy,  that works in favour of keeping it:


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