Advent Calendar Day 13: Schwolow, Sven & Sebastian

Behind door number thirteen in the Freiburg calendar was goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow. In the DFB calendar today was a double card day with the card of Hoffenheim defender Sebastian Rudy and also the 1974 card. Joining them is defensive midfielder Sven Bender from the Dortmund calendar:

Sebastian Rudy - DFB 2015-16 card 1 Sebastian Rudy - DFB 2015-16 card 2 1974 - DFB 2015-16 card 1 1974 - DFB 2015-16 card 2 Sven Bender - Dortmund advent calendarIt being Schwolow’s day in the calendar did not bring him any luck, then again it was an unlucky day all round for Freiburg, especially for nineteen year old defender Jonas Föhrenbach. He played a part in conceding the first goal and scored Nürnberg’s second himself. The first goal the ball deflected off his shin after Schwolow saved it but couldn’t clear it, and the second he put it straight into the back of his own net. Meaning Immanel Höhn’s equaliser was for nothing. Thus 1.FCN have their revenge for the 6-3 defeat Freiburg inflicted on them on MD1.  All credit is due to them after their somewhat disastrous start to the season, their coach Rene Weiler was not exaggerating when he said that his team is not the same one as the team at the start of the season.

I said yesterday that I’d be happy if Freiburg took all three points and if they were more organized defensively, well I got none of what I wanted. Not only that but the loss means they go down to second place in the table after Leipzig predictably beat FSV Frankfurt today. It’s most likely they won’t be top of the table for the Christmas break, the so called Herbstmeister. For that to happen they have to beat 1860 and Leipzig would have to lose to Greuther Fürth. It’s not impossible, just not very likely. On MD2 they drew 2-2 and funnily enough the first goal scorer for Fürth was former Freiburg player Sebastian Freis.

1.FCN are the former team of Andreas Köpke, meaning his team beat Jogi’s team. Oddly enough one of the ways I cheered myself up about this fact was watching Borussia Dortmund beat another of Jogi’s teams, Eintracht Frankfurt. Though it wasn’t the game that cheered me up, it was Thomas Tuchel’s celebration of the second goal:


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