Advent Calendar Day 11: Mr Cool, the Second Roman & the Collectible Decision

Behind door number eleven in the Freiburg calendar was defender Marc-Oliver Kempf. In the DFB one was the card of “Mr Cool,” midfielder Toni Kroos and finally in the Dortmund one was my second favourite Roman, German Roman Weidenfeller who has of course found himself dethroned from his spot as no.1 keeper by the arrival of my favourite Roman, the former Freiburg keeper and current Swiss international Roman Bürki:

Toni Kroos - DFB card 2015-16 1 Toni Kroos - DFB card 2015-16 2 Roman Weidenfeller - Dortmund advent calendarToday went exactly as I didn’t want it to go. A late night last night because of a new chapter I started working on, it was one of those things I had to start just then. I could have just made a note of the idea and tried to sleep but I couldn’t let it go. As pleased as I am with what I’ve written I most likely should have left it alone and gone to bed. I didn’t mean to stay up so late but then you never mean to, it just kind of happens. So I have twelve new pages which is great but on the other hand I’ve wasted a whole day. A day which could have been spent writing my post on e5 & 6 of The Bridge, a post I’ve not even started yet.

Getting up so late meant I woke up just in time for Sandhausen’s game, not an ideal situation. Lately it feels like I’ve only been getting up to watch football, as if nothing else is worth getting out of bed for. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. Regardless of which it is I had to watch Sandhausen’s game, this weekend’s games are the reverse of the fixtures that took place on MD1, so as far as possible I want to see all the games I watched on opening weekend. Freiburg don’t play till Sunday when they visit 1.FC Nürnberg. As much as I want to see a good game I’d be happier with them keeping a clean sheet, or at least not conceding three goals like they did on MD1. Of course they did score six themselves but that’s not the point, at this point goal difference means everything. I don’t care how many they score, I can live without another nine goal thriller, I don’t need them to win 3-0 or anything like that. As long as they take all three points and they’re more organized defensively I’ll be happy.

I’ve not really needed to do anything so far today, the biggest decision I’ve had to make so far was whether or not to get up to watch Sandhausen’s game. That was up until I found a certain collectible online. Something which initially I thought I had to have. Upon giving the matter some more thought I realised that was not the case. Taking into consideration the financial side of things and whether or not having this particular item was a good idea I decided otherwise. As much as I feel like I need it, I know I don’t really. Having a card from a game that wasn’t even played, at a stadium I hate and with associations that I just can’t forget, it’s just not a good idea. Not to mention the fact that from a financial perspective it would have required some serious juggling, I could afford it but not without moving some things around and not without dipping into the money set aside for the Jogi and Hansi collectibles I’m in the process of obtaining. Pictures and clippings of them is a much better addition to my collection than that card, I know this, and in a few days I’ll know I’m right. Plus I’m meant to be getting over what happened, having in my possession a reminder of that night is probably not a great idea.

I may not have gotten that particular collectible but I did get something I want today, my new DFB polo-shirt. This one is rather special because it has the Mercedes logo on it and has Mercedes Benz written on the back, just like the ones that are officially issued to players and the coaching staff:


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