The Day of Advent Calendars

I now have in my possession all three of my advent calendars. I don’t normally get one let alone three but how could I say no to a Freiburg, Dortmund or DFB one. The answer is of course I couldn’t. In no world could I say no to any of them. The Freiburg one is the funniest, from what I can make out it’s a joke about getting promoted. I think they’re asking him not to be angry at them and to give them the gift of being promoted for Christmas. The two players are Nils Petersen and Karim Guede.

IMG_20151125_121542The Freiburg one may be the funniest but I think the Dortmund one is the best. For one thing there’s a very good likeness for quite a few of them. Not only that but behind each door is an individually wrapped chocolate, meaning I will get a piece of chocolate wrapped in Roman Bürki.

IMG_20151125_121527Normally when it comes to Jogi collectibles it’s a question of saving the best till last, not so here. The DFB calendar is the biggest of the lot but it’s not the best. It doesn’t even have any chocolate in it. It’s essentially a very big and impressive box which has trading cards in it. I have to say it’s a little disappointing. Though there is one thing I like about it, note the absence of Schneider from the front of the box.

IMG_20151125_121708IMG_20151125_121728It’s been a mostly quiet and uneventful weekend, the biggest excitement coming on Friday evening with Freiburg grabbing a last second winner against Heidenheim. Funnily enough the two goal scorers in that game were none other than Nils Petersen and Karim Guede, excellent timing. Especially so in the case of the latter, another five seconds and the referee would have been blowing the final whistle. I can’t say it was a deserved victory, Freiburg did not look at all in good shape. But three points is three points. Also helpful is St Pauli losing 4-0 to Nürnberg today. How odd that is, since beating Freiburg 1-0 on MD12 St Pauli have only won one game, their 4-0 defeat of Fortuna Düsseldorf. Whatever happens in RB Leipzig’s game tomorrow night when they play KSC, Freiburg will stay top of the table because of their superior goal difference. Obviously it would be nice for them to draw or lose.

Dortmund also returned to winning ways beating Stuttgart 4-1 who last week parted ways with Alexander Zorniger. I think with that it was a case of when rather than if. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens over the course of the rest of the season, if this time Stuttgart really are unsaveable.  As great as that is and obviously Freiburg winning, my favourite moment of the weekend comes from Gladbach’s game. I haven’t seen it but I saw the highlights, the event in question being Andre Schubert sending on his sub with notes to deliver for some of the other players. It doesn’t sound funny writing it down but it was most definitely funny to watch.

Despite having done very little this weekend I’m still tired, no doubt that’s Thursday’s stupidity catching up with me. I have an ever growing list of stuff to do and not enough time to do it all in. Right now I’m trying to work my way through the second episode of The Bridge so I can finish my post for it. Watching The Bridge is meant to be fun but with the amount of energy required to pay attention it almost seems like work. Though I suppose I could see it as a good thing, at least being so tired means I know I won’t do anything stupid like staying up all night. I have no reason to be anything other than happy right now, true I didn’t get a Jogi video this weekened, but three points and three calendars, what more could you want.

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