An Attempt at Normality/New Jogi & Hansi Signed Pictures

Every international break I’ve gotten new signed pictures or collectibles of some sort. This time is no exception, so it’s a perfect way to signal some attempt at a return to normality. Doing what I usually do, uploading my latest acquisitions. Despite the title not all of them are signed, the Nivea booklet isn’t, but it doesn’t matter, it’s perfect enough without a signature.

On the subject of normality resuming it’s been announced that there will be no changed to the schedule this weekend as regards the Bundesliga and the 2.Bundesliga. Other than an increased security presence the weekend will proceed as expected, except for the fact that they’ve requested fans not bring any kind of pyrotechnics to games, a wise decision. I suppose it’s a stroke of good luck that Hannover are away this weekend to Gladbach, a home game would have created a bigger set of problems. What a strange set of circumstances this is, me having any interest in what Hannover are up to. Anyhow the pictures:

Hansi Flick signed photo 1 Joachim Löw signed photo 1 Joachim Löw signed photo 2 Joachim Löw signed photo 3 Joachim Löw signed Nivea card Joachim Löw - signed Nivea envelopeJoachim Löw - Nivea booklet 1Joachim Löw - Nivea booklet 2Joachim Löw - Nivea booklet 3Joachim Löw - Nivea booklet 4Joachim Löw - Nivea booklet 5Joachim Löw - Nivea booklet 6

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