The Day of Ginter – Part 1

A somewhat happy ending to a strange and not particularly happy week. Only somewhat happy in the sense that I got my wish, Freiburg are top of the table but it’s not exactly earned. They are there because Leipzig helpfully lost to Kaiserslautern earlier today. They are there through luck more than anything else, on a mere technicality. There is nothing but goal difference separating them and RB-Leipzig. Both have seven wins, five draws and two losses. Six goals are all that separate them. It’s very tight at the top of the table, St Pauli if they win on Monday night will have the exact same record.

Somewhat happy in other regards though, mostly because of Matthias Ginter as the title suggests. The last time there was an international break Dortmund had a similarly important match, they played Bayern and lost 5-1. This weekend they played Schalke and I’m happy to say they won 3-2 with Ginter getting the assist for the first goal scored by Shinji Kagawa and scoring the second himself. In celebration of this I have plenty of pictures of Matze from the game. I also have quite a few of Thomas Tuchel, which may become a new interest. Perhaps making The Thomas Tuchel highlights as well as the Löw highlights. In fact I have so many pictures of Matze and Thomas Tuchel that I’m going to have to put them in a separate post.

Those are the only two games I’ve seen this weekend which is unusual but I really didn’t feel like watching any others. I did see part of Bayern’s unsurprising 4-0 victory against Stuttgart but I got bored. I wish I’d watched Leverkusen v Köln instead.

The first time Freiburg play on a day other than Sunday in six weeks and they still don’t win. They are now without a win in three games, drawing against bottom of the table Duisburg was most definitely not part of the plan. After the international break they play host to Paderborn which has an extra dimension to it given that both were relegated last season. Also because the last time they faced each other was when they were both fighting for survival in the Bundesliga, towards the end of last season. Their first encounter last season came on MD14, they drew 1-1, Paderborn got a late equaliser in the 89th minute courtesy of Elias Kachunga. The second encounter was similarly frustrating and worse because it ended in a 2-1 defeat. Two goals in the space of ten minutes in the 70th and 80th minute which cancelled out Nils Petersen’s goal. That is a bad habit of theirs unfortunately, conceding goals late on in the game. They simply have to win against Paderborn, they can’t afford to keep dropping points. Leipzig will play Bielefeld, which on paper is a guaranteed three points for them.

Other than Bayern’s game on Wednesday, getting the all important Jogi video and seeing Spectre I have little recollection of the rest of the week which is kind of annoying. It makes everything feel stranger, like no time has passed at all.  A double edged sword as it were. Being tired and a little sleep deprived means it’s not easy to remember anything right now but when you consider what I’ve been obsessing and worrying over, that may not be such a bad thing. On the other hand being forgetful caused me to mix up the times on Saturday and almost miss the start of Freiburg’s game and only get to record half of Christian Streich’s pre-match interview.  At least I did do one good thing this weekend, I kept my promise to myself about not staying up late on Saturday night. I went straight to bed after Sportstudio and caught up on some sleep. The past few weekends I’ve either stayed up late or worse not gone to bed at all on Saturday night. I know this coming weekend may be tricky because it’s an international weekend and thus a little disorientating, so I think it’s best to have  a fixed schedule in advance.

On the subject of sleeping patterns I read something intriguing earlier about a parent of an autistic child who’s keeping track of their sleeping patterns and is looking for some kind of pattern or any kind of correlation between their sleeping patterns and their behaviour. One correlation they have noted so far is that when their child doesn’t sleep much he’s very hyper and more far away. But which causes which? Are they hyper because they haven’t had much sleep, or did they not get much sleep because they are hyper?

I’ve never kept track of my sleeping patterns for any considerable amount of time but perhaps I should. Because I’ve noticed a similar thing with myself, that I go through phases like that. Though the past few weeks isn’t one of those phases. Because those phases don’t normally include sleeping too much as well, this is another thing entirely. Nevertheless it is still an intriguing idea. I’d quite like to see if there’s any correlation between acting more autistic and sleeping patterns.

I am no less confused but I’m no longer thinking quite so much about what I’ve spent the week obsessing over. Actually I’m more confused now for the simple reason that I get reminded a lot of the time that other people don’t know what I’m thinking unless I tell them. Apparently I make this mistake often. So it’s frustrating when other people go and do just that. I’m not a mind-reader either, I have no idea what they’re thinking. But then maybe that’s the point, I mean if they wanted me to know what they were thinking then they would have already told me, wouldn’t they? Maybe they’re tired of having to explain these kind of things to me. I think a Löw adventure may be required on this very topic. Put it all down on paper, set out what the problems are, what I have to do as a result and some wise words from Hansi. That usually helps.

I know I’m happy about Dortmund’s win and the part Matze played in it. Just like I know I’m very unhappy with the result of Freiburg’s game and how they played. But in general I have no idea, happy or unhappy, I just don’t know. I’m no closer to being excited about the two friendlies coming up, mostly I just wish it was over already. I just want the league to resume, for everything to get back to normal. I don’t really care about my birthday (though I admit I can’t wait to get the scarf I know is my gift), the pizza, the games, I don’t even care that much about the Jogi videos I’ll be making. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. Though maybe I’ll feel differently when the time actually comes. One good thing about this weekend is that when I got up I actually wanted to get out of bed, not right away admittedly but it’s still a good thing. It’s good that my first thought wasn’t do I have to get up.

One final thing I have to mention, today is the day the new jerseys are being shipped. How funny it is that I ordered one with Ginter on the back. With how well his weekend went I hope it’s a good omen for my shirt getting here in time for Friday.

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