A New Day & A new Hansi Dream

I said I wanted to get a good night’s sleep, when I said that I didn’t mean all day too. That’s what happened but I can’t be too mad about it, and not just because there’s no point. I’m not happy about having slept for so long. Not least because it makes my plans for tomorrow very tricky and because I feel terrible as a result of having done so. But like I said there’s no point in being angry about it, I think I must have really needed it. After all if you can sleep through construction work I think you must really be tired.

So tired in fact that I’m not watching any football tonight. I have the Friday night game on but I’m not watching it. But then I wouldn’t be enthusiastic about it even if I weren’t tired. I hate watching Hannover play. Though tonight’s kind is interesting because there are former Freiburgers on both sides. Hertha BSC have Vladimir Darida and H96 have Felix Klaus and Oliver Sorg. It’s half time and Hertha BSC are 1-0 up, excellent.

Speaking of Hannover, that’s where Germany will be playing their next home friendly, a fact which I’m still none too pleased about. That I have to have ticket from there, that I have to make a Jogi video that will be connected to that place. I hate that, having to experience any fun in the place Freiburg got relegated in. This is one of the reasons I can’t look forward to next week. Though I have to admit I am now a little bit excited to see what the new shirt will look like. I am however not getting too set on the idea that the DFB will be able to keep their promise, that it will get here in time for the game. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the events of the past two weeks it’s that I can’t get fixated on something going one way. I have to keep in mind the alternatives, to keep in mind that it may not go how I want it to go. Easier said than done, but I have to try.

So as a result I’ve gotten nothing done today, and I’m too tired to really do anything with the rest of the night. I would have liked to have caught up on my Bundesliga posts but they will have to wait. At least I got plenty done yesterday, so it kind of balances itself out.

I think it’s going to take a while to get back into any kind of routine, to be more precise a good routine. Because there is a pattern to be found in the past few weeks, but it’s not a good one. And it’s not one I want to continue. Though I have to admit it has been somewhat conducive in terms of writing. But it’s not particularly healthy or conducive in terms of everything else. I have to wonder does the other stuff matter, do I care about it? Does it matter if I can’t remember the last time I went outside, or the last time I talked to someone? Surely it’s easier to just ignore all of this. But then just because it’s easier doesn’t necessarily make it right.

All of this is exactly the kind of thing I need not to be thinking about right now. I’m hoping by writing it down that it will be off my mind. All I need to think about right now is Freiburg’s visit to Duisburg tomorrow and getting up in time to see it. I’ve got my lists and made my plans, and worrying or obsessing over this is not on any of them. So I shouldn’t be thinking about it. That’s probably some very over simplistic thinking on my part but it’s better at least than over complicating the matter as I usually do.

I may have gotten virtually nothing done today, but it is not such a bad day. Because not only do I have some new pictures of Hansi but he was in my dream. I only remember a little of it, but I’m not greedy. What I can remember is good enough. It started out with me watching a video on my laptop, it was on a website about the opening of a “Sportschule.” It was in German in the dream. There were pictures and video, and Hansi was in the video. Just when he was shown on the video, he appeared behind me. He didn’t say anything so I don’t know why I turned round or how I knew he was there. I turned round to see him standing there, he still didn’t say anything, not one word. All he did was smile, what I’ve come to call his special elf lord smile. I half got up from the floor and grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled him over so that he was sitting next to me. He didn’t object, he let me do it. The last thing I remember is him sitting next to me. Obviously I’d love to know if there was anymore to the story but having him there is enough, especially having him there sitting next to you and smiling that way. It’s a very nice thing to wake up to, and very helpful. I’m not sure I would be so forgiving of myself for having slept so long if it weren’t for this.  Even better is the fact that he was wearing a navy blue shirt in my dream, just as he is in the following pictures. Which is funny because I wrote about that shirt on Wednesday night and why it’s so special.

The new pictures from the DFB site:

csm_84101-Flick_Kamera_b201144de6 csm_84053-Hansi_Flick_e7c6b06fc4



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