When does it stop?

Comedy of Errors (and bonus assignment!)

Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Write about a time everything did — fiction encouraged here, too!

Bonus assignment: do you keep a notebook next to your bed? Good. Tomorrow morning, jot down the first thought you have upon waking, whether or not it’s coherent.

As the title says, when does it stop? So many things go wrong so much of the time that it’s not easy to pick one particular occasion over another. This week in itself could be described as a comedy of errors. Except it’s not funny, none of it is. Some of it I’ll get over in time, in fact one of the things that went wrong I’m already well on my way to making peace with it. Strangely enough I’m not that upset about Freiburg getting knocked out of the Pokal. Of course I could be upset and just not know it yet. Or it could be that getting relegated really does put things into perspective, it’s nice to have a good run in the Pokal but getting back into the Bundesliga is what’s important. But the others, the mistakes I made, those I can’t let go. Not the ones I made this week, not the ones I made last week and not any of the ones I made before that.

Whilst this week has been a veritable comedy of errors I wouldn’t say everything has gone wrong, just that the things that went wrong are the ones I most wanted to go right. I really wanted to be able to see the repeat of the Reutlingen game in which they beat KSC in the first round of this season’s DFB Pokal. That I did get to see, I waited 78 days to be able to do so and it was worth it. To possess a piece of history like that. Because not only did fifth-tier side Reutlingen knock out their 2.Bundesliga neighbours Karlsruhe but they did so in a most unusual fashion. Not many games contain three penalties, all awarded to one team and all successfully converted and three red cards.

I was worried that in getting to see that game I would somehow use up all of my luck and that would Freiburg’s night would not go right, and that my week would not go well either. That’s most likely not true, I know it’s completely illogical but I still feel that way. Because Freiburg did lose, 3-0 to Augsburg and my week is now not going so great either. After getting off to a good start now it’s starting to fall apart.

There are two main reasons my week is starting to take a turn for the worst, both are my fault and both are people related. I’m finding that it’s impossible to extricate myself from either situation. They are my fault in the larger sense, in that I allow myself to talk to other people at all, let alone people I don’t know well and who more to the point, don’t know me well. More specifically the first situation is my fault in the sense that I never should have said what I did originally, let alone try to explain afterwards. The second situation, in that case I should have told them the truth. I don’t want to hang out but now I’ve committed to doing so. I did it on the logic that someone else advised me to, because I need to get out and be around other people apparently. I figured they might be right and me wrong, seeing as how I’ve gotten so much wrong these past few days. But now I’m sick with worry at the prospect of it and have no way out.

Wasn’t it Einstein who said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? So what the hell am I doing? Expecting anything to go differently, like I’m magically going to get better at this. I’m not any good at it, the only times I can fool myself into thinking that I can handle it is when I’m interacting with someone who is well versed in my quirks and who lets certain things go. Naturally such people are few and far between. I don’t understand them and they don’t understand me. And people wonder why I prefer my stories and alternate universes, well this is exactly why.

The worst thing is when I eventually get over all of this I’ll forget all about it and won’t have learnt a single thing. I’ll go back and do it all over again, the madness will continue.

To get back to the DFB Pokal, not only did Freiburg get knocked out but the other two teams I was rooting for got knocked out too. Reutlingen lost 4-0 to 2.Bundesliga side Eintracht Braunschweig and Carl Zeiss Jena lost 2-0 to VfB Stuttgart. With Freiburg, Eintracht Frankfurt, Sandhausen, Köln. Hoffenheim and KSC (who both got knocked out in the first round) all out Jogi and Hansi now have one team each left in the competition. Jogi has Stuttgart and Hansi of course has Bayern who beat Wolfsburg 3-1. My other favourite Freiburger Matze Ginter unsurprisingly triumphed over SC Paderborn with Borussia Dortmund 7-1. Funnily enough Paderborn’s goal was a result of an extremely comical error by former Freiburg goalkeeper Roman Bürki. Partly funny because Patric Klandt made a similar error last night, though his didn’t result in conceding a goal. Roman I like you, even though you play for Dortmund now, but you’re not the Swiss Manuel Neuer, that much is clear.

Roman’s error:


The one good thing so far in these past few days has been Hansi related, a new interview with him on the DFB site and some terrific new pictures including the following:

csm_83396-Flick_Sorg_U17_WM_2015_5e977df6eb csm_79460-DFB-Vorstand_Flick_b4181a0a3fHansi Flick - U17 World Cup interview 4The second part of the prompt amused me and is actually why I decided to write anything at all. I do indeed keep a notebook next to my bed, several in fact. One for random ideas, one for dreams, one that serves as a journal and one for Jogi and Hansi ideas. What amused me is that the morning the Reutlingen game was repeated the first thought in my head when I woke up was the word “Klaiber.” It’s not a random made up dream word, it’s the first part of the name of the sponsor on Karlruher SC’s shirts. Evidently I really wanted to see that game. It took a lot of effort on my part. Getting up to see a game at 7:00am isn’t that big of a challenge, but doing so when you’ve only gotten about four hours sleep is.

It’s made even more amusing by the fact that in my dream was German actor Sebastian Koch who is from Stuttgart. Also in the dream was Christoph Waltz, which is less funny. He’s Austrian and it was an Austrian who scored the first goal from Stuttgart against Zena, one Martin Harnik. In a weird coincidence Christoph Waltz and Martin Harnik have something in common, they both have quite a strange story when it comes to nationality. Martin Harnik was born and raised in Germany but his father is Austrian and he chose to play for Austria. Christoph Waltz on the other hand is Austrian but is also a German. I have no idea what exactly is true on the matter, what I’ve read is that his father is German and that’s how he has German citizenship but he considers himself Austrian despite living most of his adult life outside of the country.

It’s strange, go to bed thinking about Manuel Neuer and end up dreaming about those two. I wonder if I go to bed thinking of Sebastian, will I then dream about Manuel?

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  1. You could test your theory 🙂

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