Pride and Joy

Pride and Joy

What’s your most prized possession?

I have many possessions I value greatly, various collectibles, my hard-drives and my laptop. But I think it would be impossible to pick one. I have several awesome collectibles, including two pairs of Hansi Flick’s boots, a football signed by him, one signed by Joachim Löw, my Jogi & Hansi coins and of course Hansi Flick’s training shirt. And a few other things I can’t take pictures of, like my copy of Freiburg’s 2-1 victory over Bayern last season. They got relegated anyway but it doesn’t detract much from the happiness of that day, especially because Nils Petersen came back.


Hansi Flick's boots 1Hansi Flick's boots 2IMG_20150204_231840imageJogi - coin 1Hansi Flick coin 1IMG_20150605_210000I love each and every one of these things but like I said it would be impossible to pick. So going in a different direction, away from physical possessions I would say my most prized possession is my imagination. Without it I would never come up with any of the stories which take up so much of my time, however would I amuse myself without it. It’s not so much the stories that I write, it’s more the ones I don’t write, the ones that are just too awesome and too over the line to commit to paper. People think I must be lonely because I spend so much time by myself, I’m not that lonely but if I didn’t have my imagination I would be.

I know my imagination is not exactly a possession and even if it was, it’s only a half truthful answer for the simple reason that sometimes I don’t possess it but it possesses me. Just this morning I was up until 6:00am working on a new idea, despite the fact that Freiburg were playing at 12:30. I simply had to write down my idea there and then, at least as far as that’s concerned it all worked out. I got the idea down on paper and I got up in time for the game. As it turns out they lost anyway but I stuck to the plan, that’s what counts.

Thinking back to a very amusing anecdote it’s tempting to say my mind in general is my most prized posession. I told someone a story from the book Das Reboot, about a team bonding activity for the German national team at the training camp before the World Cup last summer. Long story short, the entire national team and the coaching staff in a sauna, the thought of which amused my friend greatly. It was however their comment which was of an even greater source of amusement, in which they said I bet that’s a place in your mind you visit often. Funnily enough, no it’s not, when I think about Manuel Neuer in shorts, I don’t picture the rest of the squad there, nor are Jogi and Hansi there.

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