Last minute qualification

Saved by the Bell

Tell us about a time when you managed to extract yourself from a sticky situation at the very last minute.

Just last night is the most recent such event. A really nightmare of a night and that was before I even got to sleep. Though when I did it was equally nightmarish, why I would dream about Daniel Brühl now I don’t know. How weird that is, go to sleep thinking about Thomas Müller and end up having a nightmare in which something bad happens to Daniel. A nightmare made even weirder by what I got in the mail today, a Barcelona shirt, that being of course Daniel’s team. Not that I’m betraying Freiburg, I’m not switching teams, I’m merely collecting the shirts of teams that my favourite Germans play for, the German in question being Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

And just what is it that made last night so troublesome, well I don’t really know. I mean I know I was being an idiot because I was upset or angry about something but that’s the only thing I know. I don’t know what the problem was, I still haven’t worked that out yet. Whatever it was I’m just glad I got through it relatively unscathed and that I didn’t do anything too stupid. I foolishly spent money ordering food online but that was it. I’m glad I didn’t do what I sometimes do when I’m upset like that, waste a lot of money I can’t afford to waste on PS3 games and football shirts I don’t really need.

I can’t take the credit though for getting myself out of this particular sticky situation. The credit has to go to a patient and in this case wise neurotypical. Their advice for once was right, sleeping on it did help. Their initial assumption however was as wrong as their words were unhelpful. Wrong in the sense that this isn’t football related and even if it had been their words would not have helped. It is not just a game. To you maybe, but not to me. And aren’t you the one who is always telling me that it’s important to respect other people’s feelings and opinions? Well then respect mine.

They automatically assumed it was related to one of last week’s games and no doubt were preparing themselves for another rant about the Ireland game. They didn’t believe when I told them I’m over that. I suppose they find it rather difficult to believe that I’m not obsessing over it, which is fair enough, I can see their point

I’m not the only to get myself out of a sticky situation lately. Germany did too, which is what the title is about. No-one would have predicted that a year after winning the World Cup they would find themselves in the situation of only securing qualification for the Euros in the very last match. Even worse that they might just for a second be in danger of not qualifying automatically. I’m not arrogant enough to think they should have walked through qualification like it was nothing, but it should not have been so difficult. It’s most odd, Germans are meant to be efficient and yet they are as of late shockingly inefficient. What’s the point in having all that possession and creating all those chances if you aren’t actually scoring any goals?

There’s still a couple of friendlies to go before next summer, there’s plenty of time to work all this out. They have a plan, they have all the pieces, they just need to fit them together. And with his very important goal against Georgia on Sunday night, Max Kruse has proved that he is one of those pieces.

How strange this all is, for Germany to be in such a tight spot. And even stranger is the fact that the two countries I should have been rooting for qualified with relative ease, one of which almost never qualifies for international tournaments. Apparently rooting for Germany instead of either of those two countries makes me a turncoat, I’m being disloyal in some people’s opinion by not supporting either of my “home countries.” Well I’ve never lived in one of those countries and as for the other, I don’t speak the language, I don’t know the national anthem and I can’t name more than two players from the national side. It sure doesn’t feel like home to me.

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