2. Bundesliga MD4 2015/16 – Fortuna Düsseldorf v SC Freiburg

I’m a little short on pictures and videos this week but happily not short on points, despite a somewhat improvised back four thanks to the sending off last week of Mensur Mujdza and Marc Torrejon. A situation which resulted in a few changes to the line-up that no doubt Streich would rather not have made, such as handing a debut to 19 year old Jonas Föhrenbach who did not have the greatest of games in his first outing in a Freiburg shirt. It was his rashness in the 58th minute that could have cost Freiburg the three points when he brought down a Düsseldorf player in the box. Luckily for him Schwolow managed to save the resulting penalty and there was no equaliser to come. The two goals for Freiburg were scored by Vincenzo Grifo, scoring his first for the club and Nicholas Höfler. Nils Petersen didn’t start, getting a well deserved rest after having played every other game so far of the campaign. But Freiburg did just fine without him, nothing particularly spectacular. Just some hard work and a little bit of luck to secure a much needed win after the disappointment of last week.

Luck elsewhere too, because fellow Baden-Württemberg side SV Sandhausen had a quiet night on Friday against Heidenheim after the excitement of their six goals against Paderborn last week. Only taking one point means they missed the chance to top the table. Bochum retain their place at the top of the table, after going down 1-0 to Nürnberg in the second minute of the game they were able to pull two back to take all three points. In second place is St Pauli who manged to pull off a surprise victory against RB Leipzig. Taking the three points means Freiburg move up to third. Just below them in fourth is Kaiserlautern who move up from seventh after picking up an undeserved win against Paderborn last night. Paderborn just cannot catch a break at the moment, getting knocked for six last week and being the much better side this week, but failing to translate that into goals or points. The only goal of the match came from a penalty conceded by Moritz Stoppelkamp who brought down the same player in the box twice in a matter of seconds. Everything up until them was going great, certainly much better than last week when they conceded three goals in eighteen minutes.

It wasn’t only Freiburg who were forced into improvising last weekend. So was I in regards to getting to see the game. I was lucky to see it at all, certain changes making the situation a lot more difficult and unpredictable than it was previously. A situation which cannot be allowed to continue. Having to watch such low quality and unreliable video is not cool at all, nor is the constant worrying about whether or not I’ll get to see the game. Here’s hoping the plan I’m working on in regards to this turns out as I hope it will. I hope I don’t have to resort to the more expensive and complicated option. Whichever option turns out to be the way to go, directly relying on one source is never a good idea. Thinking flexibly is the way to go, you can’t only have one game plan after all.

This Friday Freiburg play host to SV Sandhausen in their first Friday evening game of the campaign. A win could see them move up to second place at best. Even if Bochum were to lose to 1860 München on Monday night, they still cannot top the table because of goal difference, those three they conceded against Bochum last weekend preventing that, meaning they cannot go into the international break top of the table, which obviously would have been nice. It’s hard to believe that Germany play Poland a little over a week from now. It felt like it would never get here. It’s even harder to believe that their qualifying campaign kicked off just under a year from now and that Hansi has not been there for a whole year now.

To finish, video of the highlights and some pictures from the game:

Nils Petersen - Fortuna Düsseldorf v SC Freiburg 1 Fortuna Düsseldorf v SC Freiburg 2 Vincenzo Grifo - Fortuna Düsseldorf v SC Freiburg 1 Vincenzo Grifo - Fortuna Düsseldorf v SC Freiburg 2 Nicholas Höfler - Fortuna Düsseldorf v SC Freiburg 1 Nicholas Höfler - Fortuna Düsseldorf v SC Freiburg 2 Alexander Schwolow - Fortuna Düsseldorf v SC Freiburg 1 Alexander Schwolow - Fortuna Düsseldorf v SC Freiburg 2 SC Freiburg celebrate 1 SC Freiburg celebrate 2

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