July – the month of Jonas

I’m sure there were other things that happened in July other than the return of the 2. Bundesliga and with it the beginning of Freiburg’s campaign for their return to the top flight but it’s all I can really remember. That and the Niki Lauda documentary at the beginning of the month. It seems as if there is only the beginning and the end of the month, as if I somehow powered down in between those two events, only coming alive again when the regular season resumed. At least the season got off to a good start, there was plenty of excitement on opening night with Kaiserslautern giving newly promoted Duisburg a taste of what’s to come. And Freiburg provided a great deal of excitement in their first match against Nürnberg, a 6-3 victory which was to prove as infuriating as it was thrilling.

I know the books I read, the films I watched and how many episodes of The Wire I’ve seen and yet it really feels like none of it happened. Usually this post is a little longer, but it can’t be this time because how can I write about what I read and watched when I don’t remember doing so. I need to get some more sleep, I know this and yet all I can think is there are not enough hours in the day. I should be figuring out how to catch up on my sleep but all I can think of is how much there is to be done. And yes I know if I was less tired I would remember more of the past few weeks and of last month. But the way I see it, I remember the important stuff, that’s all that counts.  Important stuff like sticker albums, including Die Nationalmannschaft 2010 and 2012. Not to mention the program and ticket I got from the Germany-Ireland match in 2006. That was important, getting a ticket from Hansi’s first game. And even if I don’t remember having written them, at least I’ve got several pages done and have finally settled the name problem, Mathias is the name I’ve chosen, Matze for short. Having finally gotten a suitable name I’ve wasted no time in getting started on his adventures, taking into account both stories I’ve got just over forty pages so I certainly can’t have any complaints in this regard.

I do remember two things about the films I watched, Icelandic film Falcons takes place partly in Hamburg, a fact I was none too pleased with and not just because the the story felt a little disjointed from that point onward, I’m still holding my grudge. The other thing I remember is in Israeli film Broken Wings I saw a sticker for Bayern, well what I’m sure was a Bayern sticker. It was the right colours and had Opel on it, but was torn in half so I couldn’t see the badge.

I guess it’s a good thing that I’m going through this particularly obsessive phase now, because with it being summer there’s no-one around to offend or hurt their feelings in some way. I’ve pretty much been ignoring the outside world, well the world outside of football anyway. I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did. The usual summer madness. I can’t wait until summer ends and I get a decent night’s sleep again. I can’t wait for autumn, for it to be dark at night again. In theory at least things should be a little better then. At least I’ll be in a better mood anyway.

It’s strange I don’t even remember the world cup anniversary celebrations, I would have no memory of it at all were it not for the special picture posts I made for the occasion. Though given how much I still miss Hansi, that may be the case anyway. It may be more a case of not wanting to remember rather than actually not remembering.

There is one thing I most definitely can’t forget and that is the arrival of my new Freiburg shirt, it arrived on the day of the opening game of the season, perfect German timing:


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