DFB Pokal 2nd Round Draw 2015/16

As well as the opening night of the Bundesliga, tonight was also the night the draw for the second round of the DFB Pokal took place.  It was to say the least a very interesting draw, with literally the best being saved till last. Freiburg got drawn with Augsburg. Last time they played them was last season in the Bundesliga, they lost the first encounter but won the second. The goals being scored by the now departed Jonathan Schmid and current and now permanent Freiburger, Nils Petersen. I hope that second fact is a good omen.

With the decision made about the Osnabrück game, it is RB Leipzig who are through to the next round after being awarded a 2-0 automatic victory which is a shame, but rules are rules.

Some good match-ups to come, Carl Zeiss Jena got VfB Stuttgart. Good luck to them with that, lets hope they can knock out another giant, maybe they or Reutlingen can be this season’s Bielefeld. Reutlingen have it slightly easier, they are drawn with second tier side Eintracht Braunschweig. And 1860 München who knocked out Hoffenheim are drawn with Mainz. Borussia Dortmund’s visitors won’t have far to travel because their guests will be none other than SC Paderborn. And whilst I’m on the subject of Dortmund, it will be Roman Bürki who starts in goal tomorrow against Gladbach, not Weidenfeller, a fact which pleases me greatly especially since I’ll be watching the game live on TV.

It is funny how these things work out, like I said it is literally a case of keeping the best till last. The last two teams left to be picked were current champions VfL Wolfsburg who will have the home advantage and league winners Bayern Munich. Clash of the giants and in only the second round. It’s really quite unbelievable, the kind of thing that is so strange it has to be true. Wolfsburg don’t just have the home advantage but the statistical advantage too because in their last three meetings with Bayern they’ve won two out of three, and both matches they won were at home, which no doubt bodes well for them. They play them before then on MD6, but that’s a home game for Bayern so no chance to shake off the curse then.

Freiburg avoiding any of the really big teams in tonight’s draw is just about the only thing that has gone right. I stupidly watched Bayern’s game on Sky instead of ARD and paid the ultimate price for it, missing the half time interview with Jogi. Not only that but I sat through an hour and half of pre-show just in case I missed something important, missing Sandhausen’s wholesale destruction of Paderborn in the process. I wouldn’t have missed anything by not watching it, and as it turns out I didn’t need to watch it live either. All I can do now is wait and hope someone else gets a copy. I should have put more thought into the endeavor, should have been more prepared. Evidently my lists weren’t enough, I’d completely forgotten about not being able to watch it on ARD after it’s aired. As Lt. Raine would say, “that’s not very Germanic of them.”

As disappointed as I am by this I have to admit, the latest acquisition to my collection did make me feel a little better, three programmes from when Hansi played for Bayern. Just the other day I was looking for some and couldn’t find any, and then all of a sudden some appear. Though to be honest, I’d rather have the Jogi video. Surely that’s proof I like Jogi more than Hansi.

Anyhow, the draw:

DFB Pokal 2nd Round 1 DFB Pokal 2nd Round 2

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