DFB Pokal – 1st round – 2015/16

No major surprises so far, well unless you count Hoffenheim getting knocked out by 1860 München which wasn’t really a surprise to me since I predicted it would happen. No particular reason why, no reason beyond me wanting it to happen anyway. I may have given them a nickname but that shouldn’t be taken as an indication that I like them. As Toby says in The West Wing, “I’m going to make a suggestion which might help you out. But I don’t want this gesture to be mistaken for an indication that I like you.”

I was just fixed on the idea that they would knock Hoffenheim out, and they did, deservedly so. Their victory wasn’t a fluke, they really were the better team. It’s odd, just last week they were Freiburg’s opponents and this week I’m rooting for them. Even odder is the fact that I was rooting for 1860 against one of Hansi’s teams, in Munich, strange. Hansi’s Hoffenheimers are so far the first and only Bundesliga giant to be slain. I wonder if that will change today because last season’s giant killers Arminia Bielefeld face Hertha BSC whom they knocked out last season. I feel somewhat compelled to root for Bielefeld, partly because of last season, partly because it’s where current Freiburg keeper Alexander Schowlow spent last season on loan and finally because Hertha BSC is where Vladimir Darida went. Also an exciting match-up with some potential for an upset is St Pauli against Gladbach on Monday night.

Two other Bundesliga teams came close to getting knocked out too with both Bremen and Augsburg needing extra time to overcome their opponents. Not only that but Augsburg actually went 1-0 down before equalising in the 83rd minute.

There were some small surprises, Karlsruher continuing their terrible start to the season by losing 3-1 to fellow Baden side SSV Reutlingen. Small in the sense they are a 2. Bundesliga side, the game itself was a huge surprise, three penalties which were all successfully converted and three red cards. It was on my list as a game to see, so I was disappointed to only get to see parts of it on the simulcast. But at least I got to see the best parts. Also knocked out from the 2. Bundesliga are Greuther Fürth and 1. FC Union Berlin. Weird fact, Greuther Fürth and Hoffenheim have something else in common besides both getting knocked out yesterday. They both had a former Freiburg man in goal, Sebastian Mielitz for Fürth (who funnily enough didn’t get one league start last season, only two in the Pokal) and Oliver Baumann for Hoffenheim.

Current champions VfL Wolfsburg beat Stuttgarter Kickers 4-1, former Freiburger and Gladbacher Max Kruse getting his first competitive goal in his new team’s colours. And Admir Mehemdi set up the first goal as Leverkusen beat Sportfreunde Lotte 3-0. Freiburg play today, they got drawn with a team from Hamburg by the name of HSV Barmbek-Uhlmhorst. I know nothing about them other than that they won the Hamburg Cup to qualify for the Pokal. Nothing other than the fact that they would have liked to have been drawn with another club, no doubt they had bigger fish in mind. In the words of their goalkeeper, Freiburg are a “friendly club” and are “more beatable than Bayern.”

It’s funny that he put it that way because just yesterday I got several new DVDs of old Germany matches and I was checking them out, making sure they all worked and I heard words to the effect that Jogi Löw is one of the nice guys in German football but that he rules with an iron fist. Not so long ago some people thought he was too nice in fact. Looks can be misleading. Of course I want nothing more than Freiburg to win anyway, but now I want them to do it just so they can wipe the smirk of that guy’s face.

I’m not going to say anything specific on the matter beyond saying that I’d rather Freiburg to have been drawn with someone else too. I’m not pleased about having been drawn with a side from Hamburg not at all. I have no wish to curse Freiburg and their good start to the season. Jogi Löw may not be superstitious, but I certainly am. All I will say is, Freiburg beat Bayern last season and it’s obvious that whilst he would have preferred a bigger club, truth is they’ll be glad they didn’t get them. It would make for a miserable afternoon, what was it Chandler said in Friends, “your little men are going to get scored on more times than your little sister.”

First up is a video of the complete match of 1860 v Hoffenheim, getting this more than makes up for not being able to watch Eintracht Frankfurt’s match:

Up next is some highlights, not all of them, just the ones that were of interest to me, minus the Hoffenheim ones because annoyingly whilst I have the full match I don’t have the highlights, but then I can’t complain really:

And to finish, pictures of Max Kruse celebrating his first competitive goal as a Wolfsburg player:

Max Kruse - Stuttgarter Kickers v VfL Wolfsburg 1 Max Kruse - Stuttgarter Kickers v VfL Wolfsburg 2

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