2.Bundesliga MD1 2015/16 – SC Freiburg v 1.FC Nürnberg

Or as it’s otherwise known and will forever be remembered by me “Petersen gegen Nürnberg.”

What a start to the season, nine goals in all, three of them for Nils Petersen (in the space of five minutes), three penalties (two for SCF taken by Petersen and one for FCN), five yellow cards (3 for FCN and 2 for SCF) and one red for FCN’s Dave Bulthuis. Final score six-three to SC Freiburg. With their six goals, they didn’t only better Kaiserslautern’s total on Friday, they doubled it. Which means with the superior goal difference they go the top of the table:

screenshot-www bundesliga com 2015-07-28 06-46-16

First half was pretty much perfect, three goals in the space of five minutes for Nils Petersen and a fourth just before the end of the half for former FCN player Mike Frantz. This was Petersen’s first match as a fully fledged Freiburg player and it went absolutely perfect. In his first match after joining the club on loan after Christmas last year, he scored a hat-trick against Eintracht Frankfurt and he repeated that feat last night, though in a rather different fashion. It’s not often you see two penalties in one game, let alone two within the space of a few minutes. Petersen seems to have proved his value already. He’s got seven goals in six games now, 15 in total. And he broke a record last night, getting the fastest hat-trick ever in 2.Bundesliga history. This banner some fans had was fantastic and would make a good poster I think:

Nils Petersen - banner

First half they totally outplayed FCN, they were in total control, having the majority of the possession and making the most of it. They really had FCN rattled. But whatever Rene Weiler said to his players at half-time certainly had some effect, they scored a goal barely a minute after kick-off and the roles were reversed. Out of nowhere SCF were on the back foot, not getting a touch of the ball and chasing shadows. It’s an old enemy of theirs, losing focus and throwing away a lead, but it usually happens a little later in the match. But not here, not this time. They didn’t lose their composure or their focus, they didn’t allow themselves to get too frustrated. It’s not great that they conceded another two goals but they replied with two of their own, so all’s well that ends well I suppose.

Despite conceding three goals, Alexander Schowlow didn’t have a bad game. Truth is he didn’t have a great deal to do in the first half, in fact his first major action was conceding the goal. But it wasn’t his fault, no-one could have done anything about it, not him and not his predecessor. It’s not possible or right to judge him based on one game, but so far so good, he didn’t do anything to give cause for concern at least. I think I’ll watch the game again, to see how he did, focusing on just him because it was a little difficult to focus on anything in the excitement of last night. It’ll give me an excuse to watch the game again at least.

I saw the English broadcast of the match as well as the German one and caught this little gem from the English commentator “so just the eight goals so far then.”

The goal-scorers for Freiburg were Nils Petersen (8, 11 & 13), Mike Frantz (40), Maximillian Philipp (61) and team captain Julian Schuster (90).

What a night, Petersen, the former Nuremberger Frantz, the man from Berlin and the captain too. A brilliant night, thanks to them all and the rest of the team, I get to write a happy MD1 story for Jogi. The only downside to the whole weekend is the fact that I feel like it’s Saturday right now because the match was in the evening, so it felt like a Friday night game. So it’s very confusing that there’s no games to watch today. At least there’s plenty of action at the weekend with Freiburg visiting 1860 München on Saturday, the Supercup in the evening between Wolfsburg and Bayern and on Sunday SV Sandhausen v Union Berlin and KSC v St. Pauli.

Maximillian Philipp, the man from Berlin as I christened him way back on MD21 when he got his first ever Bundesliga goal against Hertha BSC. The reason being that he’s from Berlin, he played as a youth player for Hertha and his whole family were there that day to see him play. Last night he got his second, and deservedly so. The video of his first goal:

Plenty of videos and pictures. First pre-match interviews with Christian Streich and Nils Petersen. And post match interviews with them both too. Plus a video of all the goals.

The post match interview with Christian Streich.

Nils Petersen pre-match interview 1 Nils Petersen pre-match interview 2 Nils Petersen pre-match interview 3 Nils Petersen pre-match interview 4 Nils Petersen pre-match interview 5 Nils Petersen pre-match interview 6 Nils Petersen pre-match interview 7 Nils Petersen pre-match interview 8 SC Freiburg - line-up 1 SC Freiburg - line-up 2 Schwarzwald Stadion 1 Schwarzwald Stadion 2 Schwarzwald Stadion - The Dude SC Freiburg line-up Nils Petersen - penalty 1 Nils Petersen - penalty celebrations 1 Nils Petersen - penalty celebrations 2 Nils Petersen - penalty celebrations 3 Nils Petersen - penalty celebrations 4 Schwolow celebrates 1 Schwolow celebrates 2 Nils Petersen - penalty celebrations 5 Nils Petersen - penalty celebrations 6 Nils Petersen - penalty celebrations 7 Nils Petersen goal celebrations 1 Nils Petersen goal celebrations 2 Nils Petersen goal celebrations 3 Nils Petersen goal celebrations 4 Nils Petersen goal celebrations 5 Nils Petersen Mike Frantz goal celebrations 1 Mike Frantz goal celebrations 2 Mike Frantz goal celebrations 3 Mike Frantz goal celebrations 4 Nils Petersen 1 Nils Petersen - banner Maximillian Philipp goal celebrations 1 Maximillian Philipp goal celebration 2 Maximillian Philipp goal celebration 3 Maximillian Philipp subsitution 1 Nils Petersen subsitution 1 Nils Petersen subsitution 2 Nils Petersen subsitution 3 Vincenzo Grifo subsitution 1 Vincenzo Grifo subsitution 2 Julian Schuster goal celebrations 1 Julian Schuster goal celebrations  2 Julian Schuster goal celebrations  3 SC Freiburg v FCN  - score-board Nils Petersen - post-match interview 1 Nils Petersen - post-match interview 2 Nils Petersen - post-match interview 3 Nils Petersen - post-match interview 4

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