Seven days

It’s getting ever closer, only seven days now until Freiburg’s first game of the new season against Nürnberg and only four days until the season begins. They played their final preparation game yesterday against Malaga, I didn’t get to see it live which is a shame since going by the highlights it looked like a good game despite the fact that they lost 1-0. Alexander Schwolow started in goal, which means I haven’t got see Klandt play yet. But at least now I know how to say Schwolow. One thing which is most definitely not good is the departure of Vladimir Darida to Hertha BSC. I’d wrongly thought it was all done with now, that no-one was else was going to leave, wishful thinking obviously. Roman, Adi, Oli and now Vladi too.

Luckily, I was able to get a copy of the whole match but in Portuguese, better than nothing I suppose.  At least the highlights are in German:

I did however get to see them on TV tonight including an interview with Nils Petersen, I wish I had a decent copy of that to upload but mine is not so good and it’s not on the channel’s site, other parts of the show are but not that. I did at least get a nice picture of him from it and some others from the video they did have on the site. There’s also two very amusing pictures of Christian Streich.

SC Freiburg line-up Roman Bürki -SCF Nils Petersen  - interview Tim Kleindienst - SCF Vincenzo Grifo - SCF Christian Streich - TV 1 Christian Streich - TV 2 Christian Streich - TV 3 Nils Petesen - SCF 1 Nils Petersen - SCF 2 Nils Petersen - SCF 3

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