Practice Makes Perfect?

Practice Makes Perfect?

Tell us about a talent you’d love to have… but don’t.

How about the ability to not get frustrated when you see the day’s daily prompt and it’s not particularly inspiring, or worse it’s one you’ve already done before and you didn’t like it much the first time around?

I’m just kidding, I don’t find today’s prompt particularly inspiring but I don’t mind so much. Partly because I already have seven very special posts lined up for today and partly because I owe the daily prompt for helping me in getting my favourite ever endeavor off the ground. And for finally getting me change the tagline of my blog, something which I’m very happy with having done. Especially since someone used it as a search phrase today, very fitting giving what day it is today.

It’s because of what day it is today that I wasn’t going to write anything for the daily prompt today, unless it was really something special. But then my Die Mannschaft blu-ray arrived today, and there’s a new video on the DFB site to upload so my plans were changed anyway.

In a few hours it will be 365 days since Germany won the World Cup for the fourth time, since Mario Götze made history, since Hansi Flick took his place by Jogi Löw’s side for the last time.

That’s enough German related tangents, now to the actual question. What talent would I love to have. I still wouldn’t mind being a world class goalkeeper, but that’s not my answer this time out. This time I’ll pick the ability to feel somewhat comfortable around other people. More than that, the ability to exist in the real world. My own world is a pretty good place to be, but I can’t stay here all the time. Sometimes I’m tired of being in the shadows, of knowing more about life and the world in theory than in practice.

Actually thinking about it, it’s not so much the ability to be comfortable around other people that I need. What I need is to want to be around them. In theory I like the idea of watching the match with someone else, but just in theory. I’m always relieved when they leave, something that’s supposed to be fun isn’t. I don’t know why I’m so fixated on that, if it’s because I’ve let thoughts of how things should be rather than how they actually are get in my head. Besides it’s not like I’m completely alone when it comes to watching football. I do have my mascot, Hansi’s boots and my mini-man of Jogi Löw. In a way they’re better than having other people around. At least I know they won’t steal my snacks, mispronounce any German names, make fun of Jogi or insist on calling me Müller all the time.

2 responses to “Practice Makes Perfect?

  1. But I can’t read your tagline! The gray letters don’t show up enough over the picture…

    • Really? I can see it just fine, I guess I’d better change the colour anyhow, to make sure everyone else can. It says “Jogi & Hansis Fußball Wunderland.”

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