Deutschland sind Weltmeister – ein Jahr danach.

Deutschland sind zurück. Deutschland sind Weltmeister.

Tor, Tor, Tor, Mario Götze.

There are some things that you just never forget hearing, some things that upon hearing them they transport right back to the moment they were first said and bring all the feelings back with it. Those words above do just that. Even though on the actual night I watched the game in English and only saw it in German later, it’s not the English I remember. In fact I don’t remember any of the English commentary at all, though that may be because seeing it live was a more emotional experience then re-watching when some time had passed. I remember reading about the 1954 World Cup, how there are people who have the commentary memorized, or the important parts of it anyway. The first time I read that, I wondered how such a thing were possible. I know better now, I know now exactly how it’s possible.

I was going to just stick to those seven posts as originally planned but the Germans had other ideas. First my Die Mannschaft blu-ray arrived. Excellent timing, it was dispatched on the release date and arrives the day of the final. There doesn’t seem to be any special features, at least not according to the back of the case. I haven’t looked at the menu to confirm this yet. You might think it was perfect, it arriving today, that I could watch it instead of watching the final. Not so, I have no intention of watching it, not right now, I can’t. If Hansi were still there, I would however be doing so, I’d have re-watched all of the games in fact and the film.

IMG_20150713_153311IMG_20150713_153347IMG_20150713_153719The other interruption to my original plan was the video on the DFB site, an interview with Jogi after the final. Plus one with Mario Götze.

Joachim Löw nach dem Finale 1 Joachim Löw nach dem Finale 2 Joachim Löw nach dem Finale 3 Joachim Löw nach dem Finale 4 Joachim Löw nach dem Finale 5

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