A Stuttgart Surprise

The past few days they’ve been showing spectacular matches from previous seasons. I’ve seen five so far, five games and 33 goals. Well there were 33 goals, I only saw 32 of them. I’m missing one of Stuttgart’s 3 against Bayern. I know I should be happy that I got to see any of the games and should focus on the 32 I did see and not the one I didn’t. In truth the other games were just a bonus, I got to see the Freiburg-Hoffenheim one, that’s all that counts.

The best two were Hoffenheim v Bremen in which the final score was 4-4 and there were three penalties in the first half (which apparently is a record, or at least it was then), the other was Freiburg v Hoffenheim which ended 5-3. It was however a Stuttgart game that offered up the pleasant surprise of the weekend. Not only did I get footage and pictures of Jogi (though not Hansi unfortunately) but I got highlights of Freiburg against Leverkusen. A winter game, with weather to match.

Joachim Löw at VfB Stuttgart v Bayern München - 2010-11 1 Joachim Löw at VfB Stuttgart v Bayern München - 2010-11 2

It’s been a weekend of pre-season friendlies. Yesterday was the Audi-Quattro cup in Salzburg, hosted by Red Bull Salzburg, a team Hansi Flick once worked for incidentally. Bremen walked away winners, beating first the hosts and then Valencia. Today was the Telekom cup hosted by Borussia Mönchengladbach. I have two videos of highlights, first up is Bayern against Ausburg and then against Gladbach in the third place match.

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