Summer brain melt/A Jogi minion

It’s too warm to think at all right now, let alone thinking about doing anything. It’s funny then that today’s daily prompt is related to just that, asking the nearest person to you what they’re thinking and then writing about it. I didn’t write anything for it, it’s too much work in this heat. Going to find someone, asking them a question and then sticking around to hear the answer. Way too much work.

Right now it seems a very tempting proposition to sleep through the day and be awake at night, except it’s not much cooler at night. Earlier in the week I was thinking of zombies and now it’s vampires. Earlier I got the random idea of digging up the s1 box-set of True Blood. I’ve not even finished watching the final series and I don’t think I will after what I’ve read online, but it seems I want to see the beginning again. I think I miss Eric.

It’s strange, I’ve been reading books set in the dead of winter and now I want to watch a TV show set in the south, in other words not cool at all. Lying around watching TV seems to be the only thing to do right now. I started watching The Wire again as planned and ended up watching all of series 2 in one day. The irony of that is not lost on me, that a show partly about drug addiction is so very addicting. True Blood is up next, and maybe series 1 of Sleepy Hollow after that. I know I have a stack of new shows to get started on or catch up with, like Extant, House of Cards and American Horror Story but I don’t feel like watching anything new. Watching stuff you’ve already seen is less work, knowing what happens means you don’t have to follow what’s going on so closely.

I may be too tired to think too much, but there’s one idea I can spare some energy for, a most amusing phrase that’s on my list of search engine terms. Someone actually typed this phrase into google or some other search engine “Jogi Löw als minion.” Whatever would make someone think of that, let alone type into google? Thanks to them now I’m thinking about it, not just Jogi but Hansi too. Jogi & Hansi minions. And why stop there, how about all of the team as minions. And the all important question, what would a Jogi minion sound like.

Monday 27th July, that’s the day Freiburg’s season will begin. It’s a whole new thing to be getting used to, games on a weekday. I’m kind of glad in a way, that they aren’t playing on Saturday. I know at some point they will be, but I’m just glad the first game isn’t on a Saturday. Three weeks and one day to go now.

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