An early birthday present/new Hansi pictures

Last year Germany played the day after my birthday, this year they’ve gone one better because they’re playing a friendly against France on the actual day. Shame the game is in France and not at home, but then you can’t have everything. They have another game four days later against Holland, which is a home game but I wish it wasn’t. It’s being played in one of my least favourite places in Germany. Yes, I have a least favourite place in Germany, I know no-one will believe I do but it’s true. Well I sort of do, it’s not because of anything the city itself has done, it’s entirely a football related reason. Six reasons actually, they keep adding to their list of infractions. Lets see how many infractions they can commit before the beginning of the new season. I hate the fact that I have a ticket from that cursed stadium, not just any ticket either but one for the game which was all so important. And now I have to see die Mannschaft play there, and see Jogi Löw there. I really don’t like the fact that one of my Jogi videos will have a connection to that city.

I can’t complain too much, I’ll get a good story out of that for Jogi & Hansi, in fact I already have an idea for one right now. Plus I did get some new pictures of Hansi last night, a new interview from the DFB site and a video I dug up from kicker whilst I was reading about the friendly. And since the day before yesterday was one year on from the last 16 game against Algeria, they published another excellent article. I know I’m biased because I love Neuer, but I don’t care, it’s my favourite out of all the articles so far. I even like this one more than the one for the USA game.

The first 13 pictures are from the kicker interview and the last three are from the DFB site from the interview posted yesterday.

Hansi Flick - kicker interview 1 Hansi Flick - kicker interview 2 Hansi Flick - kicker interview 3 Hansi Flick - kicker interview 4 Hansi Flick - kicker interview 5 Hansi Flick - kicker interview 6 Hansi Flick - kicker interview 7 Hansi Flick - kicker interview 8 Hansi Flick - kicker interview 9 Hansi Flick - kicker interview 10 Hansi Flick - kicker interview 11 Hansi Flick - kicker interview 12 Hansi Flick - kicker interview 13 csm_67556-flick_getty_11ee763d7c csm_67551-flick_hrubesch_getty_547a4897aa csm_67552-flick_schneider_imago_8a2439e042

2 responses to “An early birthday present/new Hansi pictures

  1. I love hansi flick ~! I often come here ! Nice to meet you

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