Jogi and Hansi’s Summer Fun – The City of Löw

I was saving this idea for the 8th July, the day that marks one year since Germany beat Brazil 7-1 and reached the world cup final. However today’s prompt has tempted me into posting it now. I’ve changed my mind for two reasons, firstly I need a little cheering up after the U21 side crashed out of the Euros last night after losing 5-0 to Portugal. Not that the night was all bad, there was a half-time interview with Hansi and I managed to record it, so I did get to have some fun. Secondly it’s hot enough here right now to be posting a summer themed story such as this. Plus I may have another idea for a story for that day, a rainy day Jogi story.

So far Hansi had spent the day lying around on the beach watching Jogi hard at work whilst he tried to stay awake so as to enjoy the view. With the wonderful sight in front of him and the heat, he had been completely unable and unwilling to move a single inch. He hadn’t moved a single inch since Jogi had asked him to put sun cream on him, a task which Hansi greatly enjoyed. He got an equal amount of enjoyment when Jogi returned the favour. Getting full enjoyment out of the task Hansi had taken as much time as possible in doing so and Jogi had done the same.

Right now Hansi was watching Jogi building sandcastles, not just one but a whole city of them. With the attention he was paying to each one, you’d think he was planning the construction of a real city. Hansi wondered whether or not Jogi had taken into account the fact that he would not be able to preserve his Löw-tropolis, if he hadn’t Hansi did not want to be the one to tell him. It had been most entertaining, seeing the cute look of concentration on his face, seeing how focused he was on the task at hand. After having being hard at work for a while, Jogi had unbuttoned his shirt and seeing this Hansi could not help but think of the fun he could have as a result. Now this was something that was worth moving for, upon noticing he immediately began to make his way over to where Jogi was sitting being careful of course not to disturb any of his masterpieces.

Noticing when Hansi was sitting right next to him, Jogi totally misread his intentions, thinking that he was coming to help him build.
“You want to help me build Hansi?”
“No, Jogi, that’s not what I had in mind.”
“What did you have in mind?”
Putting his hand inside Jogi’s now unbuttoned shirt Hansi replied “take a guess Jogi.”
“Not now Hansi, I have to finish this first.”
“Are you sure about that” replied Hansi as he moved his hand further down.
Tempted by this new line of thought, Jogi reconsidered, his sandcastle city could wait. In fact if he had stickers here right now, he would happily put them away for what Hansi was offering. Excited Jogi may be but he was as cautious as ever, nothing was going to distract him from the all important task of protecting his hair.
“It can wait Hansi, just one thing; I don’t want any sand in my hair. I’m trusting you Hansi.”
“Don’t worry my little master builder, whatever you command.”

With that Hansi pushed Jogi down onto the towel that he had been lying on up until a few moments ago. But not before he removed his shirt and allowing his hand to rest on Jogi’s muscular shoulder, taking his time to trace his fingers down his arm before he took his hand in his.

Afterwards Hansi was feeling lazier than ever and he had no intention whatsoever of moving from where he was lying wrapped in Jogi’s arms. He was hoping that Jogi had no plans to resume his building project and he wondered what he could do to talk him out of such a thing if that was required. When he felt Jogi begin to move underneath him he tried to work out just that. Whilst he was thinking he made it as difficult as possible for Jogi to get out from underneath him.
“Hansi, get up.”
Hansi tried pretending not to hear him at first, pretending that he was still asleep. That ploy was foiled when Jogi moved his hand to where Hansi had put his own not so long ago and when he had done so Hansi had been unable to hide how pleased he was at that.
“Stay here Jogi, we’ll have some more fun. Your castles can wait.”
“That’s not why I want to get up, I’m hungry. I want to get some snacks. Guard my castles whilst I’m gone.”
“I could do that, but what’s in it for me?”
“I’ll make it worth your while. Your master builder will come up with a master plan for his apprentice.”

Reluctantly Hansi agreed and moved so that Jogi could get up. He would however not get to find out what fun Jogi had in mind for him for whilst he was thinking of that dreamy expression on Jogi’s face when he moved his hand into his shirt he fell asleep. Thus when Jogi returned he found his watchman asleep on the job. Thinking of how to get his own back Jogi was at first thinking of an amusing way to wake him up, that was before he came up with a truly masterful plan. Leaving his sandcastle city unfinished he instead embarked on his next project, that of burying Hansi in the sand. Hansi had not moved at all throughout the process making the job far easier than building his city had been. Finishing up Jogi sat back satisfied, now he just had to work out whether or not to wake him up or to wait. Continuing with the devilish line of thought that had led to this plan he came up with an even more mischievous idea. Proceeding with his plan Jogi made a hole in the sand that now surrounded Hansi and slipped his hand inside and let it come to rest square in the centre of his chest, no way would Hansi fail to notice that or resist responding in some way. Sure enough he began to stir and a confused expression appeared on his face as he tried to move his arms towards the source of his pleasure.

“Jogi, what did you do?”
“I buried you Hansi.”
“You fell asleep on the job.”
“On the job, guarding your sandcastles is a job now?”
“You’re my protector Hansi, the castles are an extension of me. So yes, it’s a job. Did I fail to provide sufficient motivation?” asked Jogi enticingly as he further drew Hansi’s attention to where his hand was.
“Let me out of this Jogi and I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”
“I think I’ll let you stay there a while longer. I like having you at my mercy.”
“Like that’s any different to normal. You don’t need me to be imprisoned in here for that to be true.”

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