Toy Story

Toy Story

What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

I’m not sure I did have a favourite plaything, I didn’t really spend a lot of time actually playing with toys. Does a GameBoy or a TV remote count as a plaything? I’m not sure, but if they do then they would be my favourite. That or my PlayStation or one of my other consoles. It’s not that I didn’t have any toys, I did but I didn’t have much use for them. Every birthday and Christmas I would get more toys that I didn’t know what to do with. I guess they thought I was kidding when I said I wanted books and nothing else. They weren’t totally useless, I do like to collect and organize things so lots of them looked very nice all lined up on my bookshelves.

I know what would have been my favourite had I ever gotten one, Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. The whole cast really, I wanted all of them including the army men, but I never got any of them. Of course I would have been very disappointed back then had I gotten what I wanted because I wanted them to talk and be alive just like they were in the film. What a coincidence it is, just earlier I was looking at Toy Story short films and today’s prompt is called Toy Story, very cool.

I had a lot of Harry Potter stuff bought by well meaning but essentially clueless people, a wand for example. What was I meant to do with that, and why would anyone waste time pretending to be a wizard when you can just play the game and actually be one.

Despite not really having a favourite, unless you count the GameBoy, I can see the connection between that and my life now. The obvious thing being my liking for technology and gadgets. I may be less interested in video games now and I may have lost my enthusiasm for Pokemon a long time ago but gadgets are still very important to me. What was true then is true now, plenty of interest in gadgets and not so much in people and real life. Some things never change.

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