All About Me

All About Me

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Pretty simple, I named it after my favourite person. It’s not the first title I came up with, it’s the third I’ve used so far. The first isn’t important anymore. The second was interesting and I liked it not just then but now too, I only changed it because I finally came up with something suitably Jogi related. I’m happy with it now, almost, my only problem with it is that Hansi’s not in the title too.

The second title I used was “Nowhere.” I used it whilst I was making my mind up about what the real title would be, I did briefly consider naming it after Thomas Müller. As much as I like him, I’m glad I didn’t go that way. Nowhere was a good choice and would still be a good choice now. At the time I used it to mean that I was sort of between special interests but it also has another meaning, that I really am nowhere, that I don’t belong anywhere, at least it feels that way a lot of the time. Nowhere except in my own imagination that is, I feel very at home there.

With this prompt I just solved part of the Hansi related problem, I don’t want to change the title, I’m very attached to it staying the way it is. But I could live with changing the tagline to “Jogi & Hansis Fußball Wunderland.” That I can most definitely live with.

As for what it means to me, he’s my favourite person, I don’t think I need to say much more than that. Whatever I called my blog it was always going to be something German related, that much is certain.  And despite the general consensus at the moment, Jogi still is my favourite German. True once in a while the balance swings into Hansi’s favour, but not very often. Just because I talk about him a little more doesn’t mean I like him more. I like them both equally for the most part, they kind of come as a pair. Besides I have two perfectly valid excuses for talking about him more right now. Firstly, strange as it is to say this, he’s around more than Jogi is at the moment. The reason being that he’s in the Czech Republic for the U21 European Championships which I am of course watching.  I’m not watching them because of that though, actually part of the reason I’m watching them is Freiburg related, former Freiburger Mathias Ginter is in the squad.

Secondly, I miss him, so last week when I should have been talking about him and Jogi, and the USA and Klinsi being in town, instead I was complaining about him not being there. Not exactly not there, he was there just in the wrong place, it was very disturbing for him to be in the stands and not sitting next to Jogi. It would have been all so perfect had he been in his rightful place, it would have been just like the summer and would have been made all the more perfect by the fact that Jogi was wearing a navy blue shirt that looked very similar to the one he wore for that game. To be more precise, the shirt he wore for the first half of that game. Of course it didn’t rain this time around, I suppose it would have been a coincidence of astronomical proportions for it to have rained on  a summer’s evening in Cologne, on that exact day. That would have been brilliant had it happened.

2 responses to “All About Me

  1. Your favorite person is a Soccer trainer if I am not mistaken und Sie/Du bist der groesste Fan?

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