Hansi Flick at Germany U21 v Denmark U21

It’s nice to get to do one of these posts for Hansi for a change, a video and a picture of him from tonight’s match, Germany v Denmark. Also some pictures from the pre-match show from training as well. And yes that is Schneider sitting next to him, but his name’s still not going in the title, this post is Hansi’s and his alone. Well not entirely, he’s technically sharing it with Mathias Ginter who scored the third goal tonight, but that’s different. Plus a video from Sportschau about last Saturday’s match and some new pictures of Jogi.

Hansi Flick at Germany U21 v Denmark U21 Hansi Flick - Training 1 Hansi Flick - Training 2 Hansi Flick Training 3 Hansi Flick - Training 4Mathias Ginter’s goal.

Mathias Ginter 1 Mathias Ginter 2 Ginter celebrates 1 Ginter celebrates 2 Ginter celebrates 3 Ginter celebrates 4 Ginter celebrates 5Die Mannschaft – Sportschau – 14/06/2015.

Joachim Löw - Sportschau 1 Joachim Löw - Sportschau 2 Joachim Löw - Sportschau 3 Joachim Löw - Sportschau 4 Joachim Löw - Sportschau 5 Joachim Löw - Sportschau 6 Joachim Löw - Sportschau 7

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