One Roman for another?

That I did not see coming, apparently Borussia Dortmund are interested in Freiburg keeper Roman Bürki. Hence the title, it seems Dortmund want to swap one Roman for another. They want a reliable Roman and not the calamitous error ridden Roman that Weidenfeller so often was last season. I would obviously be very sad to see Roman leave Freiburg, but you can’t deny they have good taste. He was last season the second best keeper in the league, plus he’s a bargain at around €4.5 million. To make it even easier for them he has an exit clause in his contract. This is all so confusing, I have no idea how to feel about any of this. I know it’s just a rumor and I really shouldn’t be reading transfer gossip but in my defence I didn’t go looking for it, it was in my inbox and that was the title, so it wasn’t really possible to ignore it. I couldn’t delete it without reading it, it would be like deleting Roman and I would never do that. How strange these things are. In my FIFA Ultimate team I demoted Weidenfeller to back-up keeper when I got Bürki or as he’s known “the silver Neuer.” Neuer is impossible to get, at least without paying actual cash anyway and I refuse to do that. For me Bürki’s not second best, nor a poor man’s Neuer, as much as I like Manuel I would still choose Roman any day.

I like Dortmund yet I couldn’t like them if they took Roman, I know he has to go somewhere. Would it be better or worse if he went to a team I didn’t like? If that happened would I then not like him anymore? I suppose I should be grateful if he stays in Germany, then it won’t be too difficult to keep seeing him play. It’s all so unfair, I never even got the chance to have a goalkeeper shirt with his name on the back. I know it’s stupid and I wouldn’t be showing any loyalty to his inevitable replacement but I still want to get a shirt with his name on the back. A Freiburg one, though if he went to Dortmund I would save up for one of those too. I liked Weidenfeller and bought one because of him, why should the same not apply for my very favourite Roman?

And now it really begins, the waiting and the worrying. Just when the day was going so well, making that video of Jogi earlier, writing more for the match-day 34 story and the best thing of all, whilst doing both those things I had Hansi Flick’s training shirt sitting next to me the whole time. I think I’ll wait till tomorrow to post pictures now, I don’t want to be celebrating anything whilst thinking about saying goodbye to Roman. Suddenly having the shirt in my possession no longer makes me so happy. I’ve been fairly distracted the past few days, meaning I’ve been too busy to think over or get upset about being relegated and all that comes with it. Now it’s just like the Saturday it happened, the same feelings, just as intense as that day.

It’s ruined what I had planned to do with the rest of my free time this week, I was going to make videos from all the highlights of Freiburg’s games of Roman, that doesn’t seem like such a good idea right now.

The other rumor I read has made me feel even worse than the Roman one, if such a thing were possible. It concerns my second favourite Freiburger Admir Mehmedi. Apparently HSV are showing some interest in him, that cannot be, he cannot go there. Not just because of what they did either, it’s not the right place for him, he deserves better than that. Leverkusen also allegedly have some interest in him, if he leaves and he most likely will, I don’t really care which team he goes to. None of them will be tolerable, but there are two in particular that would be unbearable, HSV and the other H that played a part in Freiburg being relegated. Speaking of H’s, it’s strange that one of the departures that has been confirmed is that of Jonathan Schmid to local rivals Hoffenhein and that I don’t seem to be very upset about it. It’s not that I don’t like him or anything, I do, he’s just not a favourite of mine so it hurts a lot less.

This is all so depressing, if I’m not going to post pictures of the latest addition to my collection, I should at least mention the other good thing from today. That is that Germany remain in their place at the top of the FIFA World Rankings, they are no.1 with 1,775 points with just over 250 points more than second placed Belgium. World Cup runners up Argentina are third and 2010 winners Spain are tenth.

There is another numbers related thing to be happy about, Jogi once more being at the top of my YouTube list. Not only that but he accounts for four out of the top five:

screenshot-www youtube com 2015-06-03 22-53-25 Six days to go until Germany play the USA who are ranked 27th in the world rankings.  One final piece of statistics trivia, well several pieces technically. The day before yesterday I got some views from Madagascar, how awesome is that. And then yesterday some from Lebanon. Today there were some more from Lebanon and this is the part that amused me, some from Uruguay. The reason being that a few days ago I finished making the Jogi videos for the 2010 World Cup and the last one was of course the third place game against Uruguay. Plus I actually watched them play late last night (or early this morning depending on your perspective). I watched an old game of theirs from the 2011 Copa America in which they played Chile, a game I only watched because there was nothing else to watch.

It’s also a great source of amusement to me that someone found this by typing in the words “non stop Hansi” into a search engine. I have no clue what that means, or what they were looking for, or even if it’s the right Hansi, but still it’s funny.

2. Bundesliga count-down – 50 days to go.

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