Video round-up/ Jogi Löw’s shirt

The first one is a short video (plus some pictures) of Jogi Löw and Hansi Flick at the 2011 DFB Pokal final. Schalke beat 2. Bundesliga side MSV Duisburg 5-0. It was Manuel Neuer’s last ever game for Schalke before he moved to Bayern that summer. Annoyingly I wasn’t able to see the whole game, I’ll have to get it on DVD I guess. I can’t complain, I did get the video of Jogi and to see close to the first half hour of the game. I was right about something in my random ramblings early yesterday morning. I said that if I were to get the collectible I want I would most likely forget about everything I had written, at least until the next time. I don’t have it yet, but I did get something else in the post which has had such an effect and has helped a little in taking my mind off the waiting. Something that in addition, thankfully cost a lot less money and was most definitely not a wasteful purchase, and I mean by anyone’s standards, not just by my own obsessive have to have it standards. I plan to post a picture tomorrow.

Joachim Löw and Hansi Flick at DFB Pokal final 2011 1 Joachim Löw and Hansi Flick at DFB Pokal final 2011 2 Joachim Löw and Hansi Flick at DFB Pokal final 2011 3

Tonight was the first leg of the relegation play-off between HSV and Karlsruher SC. KSC went 1-0 up just four minutes in, unfortunately HSV equalised late in the game. It would have been interesting had they lost because all seven teams that won the away leg of the play-off went on to win the tie. Another unwanted record for HSV to have, along with being one of the teams who has scored the fewest amount of goals ever over the course of the season, they are the first Bundesliga team to be involved in the play-offs two years in a row. Random fact, the sporting director of KSC is one Jens Todt, the Freiburg legend who in the 1992/93 season helped them gain promotion to the Bundesliga for the first time ever. But that’s not why I’m mentioning him here, the reason for that would be because he scored the third goal for Freiburg in their 3-1 victory over Bayern in 1996.

On the subject of Freiburg, I have the dates for the start of the 2015/16 season, the 2. Bundesliga ones. The season begins earlier than the top division, starting three weeks before it on the 24th July. The Bundesliga begins on the 14th August and the first round of the DFB Pokal takes place on the 7th-10th August. The draw for the first round takes place on the 10th June and is being shown live on TV on ARD, right after the Germany-USA friendly.

2. Bundesliga Count-down – 56 days till the first match.

Bundesliga Count-down – 76 days till the first match.

And best of all, just 11 days till the next Germany game.

The second one is another video from the DFB site of the U21 squad.

And now to get to the second part of the title, Jogi’s shirt. I know I said the same thing the first time around but I don’t care, I like it enough to write it again. It’s not literally his shirt, I’m not that kind of obsessive. There is something different about this one though, it’s not merely a Löw-a-like shirt, it’s a real Strenesse shirt complete with three stars.


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