Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

I wrote about this particular dream the last time there was a dream related prompt, back then I didn’t think it was nightmare for how can seeing Freiburg play be a nightmare, I should never have written that, never have even thought it. No matter what they did, they just could not score, the ball would just not go in the back of the net. It was obvious what it meant in terms of football, it was referring to how unlucky they had been all season. But I didn’t think that then, didn’t want to think that. I just thought of what it meant in terms of real life, that things never go as planned, that my plans never work out no matter how hard I try. Business as usual there then.

There’s a second nightmare I want to mention, even though the prompt only says describe the last one. I’m mentioning it because it’s related. I also mentioned this in the other dream post but didn’t go into detail because of the nightmare element. I focused on the good part, the part that ended with me hugging Roman Bürki. I wish I could hug him right now.

From what I remember of it, there was a body lying in the middle of the road, a truck drove over it. Roman was standing by the side of the road trying and failing to stop the traffic. I offered to help him with this and at some point he started to say that he would be blamed for it and that blue fibers from his jersey (he was in his full kit) would be found on the body. He kept saying over and over again that they would say it was his fault. This is why I hugged him. I told him that they wouldn’t blame him, that I would not let them do that.

At the time the meaning was not so obvious, now it is all too clear what it means. It means not to blame him for what happened on Saturday, not to blame him for being unable to correct his defender’s mistake. I don’t blame him and I don’t need a dream or a nightmare to tell me that. I know it wasn’t his fault, I know he did everything he could, just like he has in every other game this season. Whilst his defence has often been caught napping or has made silly mistakes and lost their cool so many times late in the game, he has been immovable, forever reliable. Our last line of defence, our ever reliable protector, the Dark Knight of the Black Forest. One season only he may have been here but in that one season he has certainly made an impression and earned his legendary status. So much so that wherever he ends up, I will keep watch over him, I will add whatever team he ends up at to my list of teams to follow. Even if he goes back to Switzerland. Committing to watch the Swiss league will no doubt be a logistical nightmare but for him, it would be worth it.

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