April – the month of Andreas

Another month gone and once again I’ve made the same mistake as the previous month, that is writing this so close to the end of the month that in just a few days I should be writing the one for May. April was unfortunately similar to March for Freiburg with just the one league win. It was slightly better because they only lost one game, drawing the other two against Schalke and Stuttgart. They also got knocked out of the quarter finals of the Pokal by Wolfsburg. They may have got knocked out but they played well and can be proud at having done so, Wolfsburg did not walk all over them as certain people predicted. Knowing what I know now I can’t help but think, would it have mattered if just one of those games had gone differently? What if there had been a late winner against Stuttgart or Schalke. Or what if Augsburg had beaten HSV, what if they hadn’t lost to them like they lost to H96. So many what ifs, I know it’s pointless to be thinking of such things but still I keep doing it, going over all the things that could have gone differently. It makes it all the worse, knowing that just one game could have made all the difference.

I wish April was not the month of Andreas, the reason being that he was relegated once with 1. FC Nürnberg in 1998/99. What happened to them that season that resulted in their relegation was simply unbelievable, once in a lifetime stuff, not dissimilar to the way the table was this season going into the final match-day. Before the final game he said that in order for them to get relegated everything had to go against them and that they were determined not to let that happen. I bet he regretted his choice of words after the match because that is exactly what happened. It gets worse because on that final match-day it was Freiburg that Nürnberg played who were also battling to avoid the drop. What happened was that Freiburg won the game 2-1 and each of the other relegation strugglers also won their games. Most importantly of all Frankfurt beat Kaiserslautern 5-1. It was those late three goals that sent Nürnberg down, that sent them from safety in twelfth place to relegation in sixteenth. They weren’t relegated because they had less points then Frankfurt, nor because they conceded more goals but because they had scored fewer.

I would say it’s been a strange month but then aren’t they all strange. I would also say how can the month have been a bad one given that it was in April that I got the second pair of Hansi Flick’s boots, but knowing what the following month brought, it’s not easy to think of anything being good right now. Not even the other great collectibles I got last month, the stickers signed by Hansi Flick, the 1979 SC Freiburg team picture signed by Jogi Löw, the Jogi & Hansi signed Weltmeister t-shirts, the model of the Freiburg bus, my two latest sticker albums: Bundesliga 2014/15 and Deutschland sammelt Deutschland:


They won’t get to be in next season’s album, not the squad, just the badge like all the other 2. Bundesliga teams. I was so very excited about the prospect of the new album, not so much now. My main source of complaint about the album is that like so many others, they don’t put the whole squad in there. I’d like to know how they decide, how they pick which players get to be in the album. The Deutschland sammelt Deutschland album I found by accident, I didn’t get it because Jogi Löw is in there, though nobody will believe that. I found it when I was looking at Köln sammelt Köln, there are others too, like Berlin and Bavaria to name two. I didn’t see a Stuttgart one however which I’m not happy about.

I did of course watch a lot of football, if I had to pick a favourite game of the month it would be either Frankfurt v Gladbach, Köln v Hoffenheim or Finland v Germany from 2008. I didn’t watch many films, nor much TV come to think of it. Game of Thrones is back on but I’m not finding it to be particularly engaging. As intended I watched some more Marvel films, Thor, Captain America and Avengers Assemble. I also tried to get back into Agents of Shield, that was a no go. Nazis or not, I just don’t like it. I didn’t watch the rest of the Marvel films either, I skipped CA: TWS, Thor: Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy.

The other films I saw were all at the cinema: Broken Horses, Woman in Gold, Child 44, The Salvation and the much awaited Avengers: Age of Ultron. My favourite out of all of them would be Woman in Gold, this was somewhat of a surprise to me because I expected to hate it based on the trailer, I only went to see it because Daniel Brühl was in it. Despite the fact that he wasn’t in it all that much I still enjoyed the film which is about a painting that was stolen by the Nazis from a Jewish family when the Nazis annexed Austria and the daughter of the owners trying to get the painting back. The Salvation was also well worth seeing, I got the chance to conduct an interesting experiment with this film because I had already seen it before seeing it at the cinema, since it had been out on DVD in other countries several months ago. I’d seen it at home and didn’t think much of it and was curious to find out if the film would improve upon seeing it at the cinema. My theory was correct, I did enjoy it more at the cinema. Nothing could save Child 44 however, not Tom Hardy, not Nikolaj Lie-Kaas and not Paddy Considine. I thought the book wouldn’t translate well to the screen and I was right, they cut out everything that made the book interesting.

Age of Ultron I’m not going to write much about because I plan to eventually write a separate post about it. I will however say that it is a very good thing I am no longer obsessed with Thomas Kretschmann. If I were I would have been very disappointed with the film because they kill off von Strucker very early into the film, turns out his character is not that important, not like they made him out to be.

I did at least succeed in reading more books than the previous month reading seven. In keeping with my abandoned books project I dug out a few of them that I had bought quite some time ago but never read.  I picked out Anyone You Want Me to Be, Obsession, The Black Dahlia Files and I’m A Lebowski, You’re A Lebowski. That last one, the book store I bought it from doesn’t exist anymore, it’s stupid how many books I have that I bought and then forgot all about. The others are all true crime books, I have a shelf full of those, I keep meaning to sort through them and get rid of some of them but convincing myself to part with anything is never easy. Serial killers were a past special interest of mine which is why I have so many.  I certainly don’t want to get into the habit of reading too many of those kinds of books again, I still remember the nightmares that the Zodiac books gave me.

I spent most of the month by myself, I can’t even remember any social time at all. I no longer remember why I was so disinclined to be around other people, all I know is I feel like that right now. Difference is now I know why. So as not to end on that depressing note, my favourite stickers of the month, four stickers from the German edition of the Euro 2012 album signed by Hansi Flick:

Hansi Flick signed Euro 2012 sticker - Deutschland - Gemeinsam Geschichte SchreibenHansi Flick signed Euro 2012 sticker - Deutschland logo 2Hansi Flick signed Euro 2012 sticker - Deutschland flagHansi Flick signed Euro 2012 sticker - Deutschland logo


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