Mix Tape

Mix Tape

Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails. 

I suppose I could write about what each of these means and why picked them, but I don’t really want to do that. Plus I think in the case of most of them it’s pretty obvious why they were chosen. I will however explain the one that seems to be the odd one out, which is the track from the film Inglourious Basterds. I picked that because I’ve listened to it so often that I can conjure it up in my head any time I want and because to me it represents the way in which I get fixated on something. Because I only listen to music that’s related to a special interest, I don’t have a favourite band or composer.

The first four are the ones that in a way describe my life so far. The rest are kind of a mix, that is they both describe things now and they convey what I hope the future entails. I hope that some day soon I’ll get to hear those songs being sung in the stadium and not just on TV or online.  That I’ll get to stand with them, both for Germany and for Freiburg.  Nur der SCF. They’ll be back, they’ve been down and out before, they came back then and they’ll do it again now.

And I have to finish with Jogi and by extension Hansi, the temptation not to is too great. Plus the the title is kind of fitting right now, we could use some hope.

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