Broken Hearts in Freiburg

Today’s game wasn’t in Freiburg, it was an away game, but no way am I putting the name of the team that helped us to get relegated in the title of the post. Now I really wish the season would never end, if it doesn’t end then Freiburg wouldn’t be relegated. I certainly could do with a Hansi hug right about now.

Relegated. Six years in the Bundesliga, not seven. Seven is no longer lucky. 2014/15 – seventeenth place, seven wins, thirteen draws and fourteen losses. Thirty-five goals scored. Fourty-seven goals conceded. Quarter finalists in the DFB Pokal.

Beating Bayern last week and still getting relegated. Heartbreaking. Why Pavel, just why? Roman had it, I know he did, why did you have to get involved. Your last ever game for the club and you score a own goal, you will forever be the man who helped get Freiburg relegated. If it weren’t for your own goal, Petersen’s goal could have been the equaliser and we could at least have been in the play-off place.

Paderborn are relegated too, finishing bottom of the table, they lost 2-1 to Stuttgart who are safe because of that. If they had drawn it could have been all so different. I think I spent as much time doing math as I did watching the game. Each time a goal was scored, I had to redraw the table to see what it meant and where everyone was. It was the worst becuase it took just five minutes for H96 to score and it continued to get worse as the other teams scored. As time went on the math became clear, the possibilty of survival grew smaller as the minutes crept by, and when the second goal was scored, you knew, it’s over now. And just to make it even more miserable, I had the HSV game on, so as we were accepting the reality of relegation, I had to see them celebrating, though I don’t know why because they aren’t safe yet. They still have to win the play-off match.

Schalke, I never liked you that much anyway, but seriously, you couldn’t beat HSV, what the hell is wrong with you. I know Freiburg face yet another season in the 2. Bundesliga, but I can say one thing, god I’m glad I’m not a Schalke fan.

Freiburg got one back in the 90th minute, but becuase of Krmas’ mistake it was just too late. I guess we won’t get to keep him now, he’ll go back to Bremen I suppose.

Kacar’s foul against Bürki takes on a whole other meaning now, the referee seeing that foul could have meant the difference between Freiburg surviving or not, if he had seen that and given it, it could have been HSV in tears right now and not us. I now have a red Freiburg shirt covered in tears, and not tears of joy like last week, I’m not wearing this shirt again, not until Freiburg return to the Bundesliga. I’m going to put it away, and only take it out again when they get promoted. I’ll get a new one for next season, and swap them around when they get promoted, then that one will go into storage.

I know this should not be what I’m thinking about now and it’s the least of their worries, but they aren’t going to be in the sticker album next season now. Not the squad, they’ll be just a badge like all the other 2. Bundesliga teams. Here’s hoping HSV will be on that page too, they deserve to be. They escaped last season, winning the play-off, doesn’t mean they’ll do so again, I certainly hope not. It’s strange, they could end up facing Karlsruher SC in the play-off, one of Jogi’s former teams. I have no idea which game he went to today, or if did indeed go to one, not yet anyhow. I didn’t see him in Hannover, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t there. As much as they could have used a good luck charm, I kind of wish he wasn’t there. I would hate for him to see that. Equally I really hope he wasn’t in Munich, can you imagine anything worse, being surrounded by people celebrating and partying when you find out that your team is relegated? I wonder, do I get some empathy points for that, does worrying about someone else’s feelings like that count? It doesn’t matter if it does, any empathy points I gained there, I lost in another way. Breaking up a friendship, that doesn’t make me cry, but getting relegated does. I’m sure I lose some serious points for that.

All of this has enabled me to answer of the questions for the video, it’s the wrong team but the principle still applies. What does the team mean to you? Well I’m not a very expressive person in regards to emotions, in fact I manage to trick myself into thinking I have none but the team, both of them, Freiburg and “die Mannschaft” can make me cry, punch the air with joy and sometimes even sing, and I never do that anywhere, I’ve never even sung happy birthday to someone or sung  a Christmas song out loud, but I’ll sing for them.

The day that Roman’s departure may be sealed and I get his sticker in the mail, what a cruel coincidence. I also got from my own packets, Felix Klaus, Marc Torrejon, Christian Günter and both pieces of the team.

Roman Bürki - SC Freiburg Felix Klaus - SC Freiburg Marc Torrejon - SC Freiburg Christian Günter - SC Freiburg SC Freiburg - Mannschaft 1 SC Freiburg - Mannschaft 2














The Schwarzwald Stadion:

Schwarzwald Stadion

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