To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Sleep is one-third of our lives: write a post about it. Do you love naps? Have trouble falling alseep? Wish you could remember your dreams? Remember something especially vivid? Snuggle under a blanket, or throw the windows wide open? Meditate on sleep.

A few days back there was a prompt which asked you to write an anonymous letter to a person you were jealous of, I had an idea but didn’t write about it. Because it wasn’t one specific person I wanted to write to, it was anyone who had a good night’s sleep that night or indeed any other night.

I love to sleep for if you sleep you dream and my dreams are almost always worth remembering, I have a lot of fun keeping a dream diary. But sleep is an enemy of sorts of mine. Lots of autistic people have trouble sleeping for various reasons and I’m no exception to the rule. I’ve had trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember. I just can’t switch off at night and it’s especially difficult at the moment because I’m in a particularly obsessive phase. The main problem is that if I don’t fall asleep quickly then I get frustrated and start thinking about all the things I could be doing and after a while I’ll probably end up getting up and doing some of those things, thus the cycle continues.

As for how I sleep, wrapped tightly in a blanket and a duvet, I can’t sleep any other way, regardless of the time of year. And with Hansi Flick’s boots safely within reach.

I can’t remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep or the last time I had an uninterrupted night of sleep. The issue is not helped by the fact that I seem to be a creature of the night. This wasn’t a problem in the past, I had nowhere to be during the day, it didn’t matter that I wasn’t awake then. Now it does matter, having such a vampire schedule means no live football, no cinema trips and never spending time with anyone else.

It’s not all bad, there are lots of problems but also many good things. The prompt asks if you remember something especially vivid. Well yes, the dream I just woke up from, though it was more of a nightmare from Freiburg’s point of view, I hope it doesn’t mean anything as far as Saturday is concerned. In the dream Freiburg were playing and whatever they did the ball would just not go in the back of the net, they had a shot right in front of an open goal and they somehow missed, another one hit the post and another more spectacularly bounced off the under-side of the crossbar. It all seemed so real, the sound of the ball striking the metal frame of the goal, the collective groan of the crowd as it happened, the voice of the commentator in my ear. Despite their difficulties in front of goal, I count it as a dream and not a nightmare because it seemed like I was there and how can live football at the Schwarzwald Stadion be a nightmare?

There are also non-football related dreams that I can never forget, the Twin Peaks themed Christoph Waltz one and the plane crash in a snowy landscape which ended in being chased by Nazis to name two.

But it is the football related ones that I like the best, there are a lot of Germans in my dreams these days (and a Pole if Robert Lewandowski is there) and that’s just how I like it. I’m not going to write about my favourite Jogi dreams, I will however mention the funniest one I’ve had lately. The story of the dream itself is not so interesting so I’ll skip that and get right to the funny part, Jogi Löw wearing Lederhosen. As funny as that was it’s not actually my favourite dream from the past month or so, that honour goes to Hansi Flick. In that dream he was being Jogi, that is he was being the strange one. He was collecting football stickers and tickets and was so focused on what he was doing that he paid no attention the ticket I was trying to give him for his collection (I had to wave it in front of his face for him to notice and that took a few minutes) nor to the other person present who was making fun of his last name. I defended him of course, mostly because he’s Hansi and I would always defend him but also because I like his name very much. The dream in which ended with me hugging Roman Bürki would have been a contender for favourite of the month had the rest of it not been so nightmarish. He’s been the only Swiss player to show up in my dreams so far, here’s hoping Admir Mehmedi and Haris Seferovich join him on that list some time soon.

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