19-03-1996 SCF 3 FCB 1/ 16-05-2015 SCF 2 FCB 1

So many fantastic titles, all of them equally awesome, it was not easy to pick between them all. One of the close contenders was “Mehmedi – the Man.” But seeing as how I’m going to use that phrase in the post itself, I thought I should use something else for the title.

History was made once more, nineteen years ago was the last time this happened. Nineteen long years. Freiburg have now beaten Bayern four times. How fitting it is, the year after the most famous Freiburger leads Germany to their fourth World Cup, his home team beat the mighty Bayern for just the fourth time in history. That makes seven victories in total now this season. Lucky number seven. Dare I hope they can make it eight against Hannover? And just to make things even better, this is post number 434.

Bayern, you can keep your record number of Bundesliga titles and other trophies, your international superstars, your WM champions Neuer, Götze, Lahm, Müller, Boateng and Schweinstiger. You can keep it all (except for Hansi Flick, we need him), whatever the result was today, win, loss or draw, there is nowhere else I would rather be. Nur der SCF.

Last night I stayed up late because I was worrying about the game, as a result I watched Inglourious Basterds on TV, there’s a line from the film that’s a favourite of mine and is very appropriate here: “every once in a while, fate reaches out and extends its hand.”

Whilst I didn’t get much sleep I did have a dream in which Jogi and Hansi featured. It was at a Freiburg game, I didn’t know who they were playing but it was a big game. Here’s the really weird part, instead of being on the touchline Jogi and Hansi were in a bunker type room below the stadium. A room which contained a bowling alley. Michael Ballack was also there and him and Hansi were bowling together. Jogi didn’t want to play. You might wonder what bowling has to do with Hansi or Jogi, the answer is nothing. I think the answer can be found in my fascination with the film The Big Lebowski. I like to think it was a message from the Dude. A message to take things as they come, to stop stressing out and just enjoy the game. A good piece of advice, of course it was impossible to follow. I’m just glad that I dreamed about Freiburg and they didn’t lose, a curse which has befallen other teams. I had wondered what I was going to do Sunday because there’s no games then, now I know what I’m doing, I’m going to watch the English highlights of Freiburg beating Bayern. What a wonderful thing to wake up to. The new Danish show 1864 can wait, this is much more important.

There are no words sufficient to describe how happy I was then and how happy I am now. I wish there had been someone here to hug, someone to celebrate with. That is not something I think often, at least I wasn’t completely alone, I did have my mascot. It was a nerve-wracking experience watching the game, made all the worse by keeping track of events elsewhere at the same time. When the commentator announced that Augsburg had equalized I had never been more appreciative of being able to understand German. Of course Augsburg went on to lose to Hannover anyway which isn’t great, but who cares when you not only win the last but one match of the Absteigskampf but against Bayern. Paderborn lost too but only because of a last minute own goal. And Stuttgart beat HSV. Which means the table looks like this:

Bundesliga table - 16th May

To think if that penalty had been given, it may have been just like it was nineteen years ago. It could have been 3-1, just like then. But I’m not greedy. I’m happy with the result, I know safety is not secured yet and cautious optimism is the phrase of the day, but after that it feels like they can do it, they can survive.

It’s just so funny, if the penalty had been given and it had been three. It’s funny because of how Nils Petersen (former Bayern player) celebrated his last minute winner. He took a dive.The source of the amusement is that Klinsmann had kind of a reputation where that was concerned, a reputation he shed when he moved to England by asking journalists in his first press conference if they knew of any good diving schools. It was Klinsmann who scored Bayern’s only goal, via a penalty in 1996. In 1996 on the day Freiburg were beating Bayern, Jogi Löw was in Leverkusen, he was Rolf Fringer’s assistant at the time, they drew 0-0. I just realised, I didn’t know that last night, that Stuttgart played Leverkusen that day and yet Michael Ballack was in my dream anyway. Relevant because he played for both Leverkusen and Bayern.  Another weird coincidence is that back then the third winning goal was scored in the 88th minute and here the winner was scored in the 89th.

Petersen is only on loan from Bremen, I hope he stays here. I feel like a kid who has just found an abandoned kitten because the phrase that is stuck in my head is “can we keep him, please, can we keep him?”

Anyhow, a GIF of Petersen’s dive:

Petersen_takes_a_dive_goal_celebration_against_BayernIt was Nils Petersen who got the winner but credit also goes to Admir Mehemdi who scored the equaliser, another beautiful goal from him. I hope he scores quite a few more like that next season. The goals:

Back-up link.

Wir brauchen nicht Messi
Wir haben Mehmedi
Mehmedi ist kein der Schweizer Messi
Er ist Mehmedi
Mehmedi = Der Mann

I wish I had some pictures of him celebrating but wisely he decided not to go over the top in that regard, there were after all 58 more minutes to play and one should never take anything for granted in football, least of all against Bayern. How heavenly it sounds, to hear the fans chanting his name when he’s substituted. The following picture is the only one I have:

Freiburg players celebrate equaliser against BayernTo continue with the pictures, those two from last night’s post are more fitting than I ever could have realised. I’m going to add another one here, one of a very happy Jogi.


vlcsnap-2015-01-23-11h53m33s70vlcsnap-2015-05-04-07h29m26s170One would think there could be no downside to all of this, but there is one small one. Last night whilst I couldn’t sleep I was reading my latest Jogi & Hansi adventure, the chapter that was inspired by seeing them at the game on Tuesday night. Whilst I was reading it and thinking over the end, how the game would go and what the result would mean for the end of the story, I came up with the idea that if Freiburg were to pull off a shock victory today, I would post that story. I went a little further than that, I promised myself in fact and made a note so as not to forget. And of course they did win, so now I have to post a Jogi story which is one of the ones I said I would never post though I have to finish it first, I can’t make my mind up about how to end it.

Jogi tells Hansi that he can’t hug him on Saturday because he’ll be the enemy. Hansi asks him if Freiburg were to do the seemingly impossible, could he refuse Jogi a hug. What I’m trying to decide is, would Hansi enforce the rule, he says that he can’t say no to Jogi but he never thought he’d have to put it to the test. The other thing I’m thinking about is whether or not Jogi will use it against him, to tease him. I don’t know if I can finish it right now, it may have to wait until tomorrow. After such a late night and the excitement of today I am exhausted.

Last thing, the videos. A very angry Christian Streich when the penalty wasn’t given. The celebrations after the final whistle.  And the full highlights of the game. I do have the highlights of all of today’s games but they shall have to be uploaded tomorrow.

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