Land of Confusion

Land of Confusion

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!

Does social skills count as a subject? How about the ability to tolerate the presence of one’s peers? No, I know neither of those count but if they did I would have failed both of them every single time. My hated subject was maths which is somewhat ironic. People seem to have this expectation that if you are autistic than you are good at maths or worse a maths genius. I’m good with numbers, I like numbers, I’m just not good at maths. The disconnect is explained by the fact that I never could do anything the way I was meant to do it, I would always lose half the marks on exam papers simply because I could not show how I had arrived at my answer. That and my inability to grasp algebra.

Surprisingly enough the only other subjects I had any difficulty with were foreign languages. Not because of the languages themselves, not because I don’t like learning other languages, but simply because it was a very interactive lesson which kind of removes me from the equation. I couldn’t talk to my peers in English and all of a sudden I’m expected to communicate with them in Spanish. Plus I was annoyed that we were learning Spanish and not Mandarin or Russian, that fact partly accounted for my lack of enthusiasm as well.

4 responses to “Land of Confusion

  1. Good to see your daily prompts return 🙂

    • So it is, none of them in recent days have interested me. I’m glad there’s finally one that intrigued me enough to write something.

  2. My oldest son is autistic (now 45 years old). He is OK at maths and can do his own accounts handling his money (my husband showed him). Otherwise he great gift is pop music. He has a record collection of over 1000, mainly from the sixties (Beatles, Stones etc. etc.) He knows every musician on each song, the year when the song appeared – just everything. He is a walking encyclopedia. I can imagine his knowedge of the subject is comparable to yours over German football. He has seen the Stones twice live in Switzerland and also Paul MacCartney with his band. Although we speak German at home, he has a good command of the english language, as I am english. He will talke to my father in english with no problem. If something interests my son, he learns everything about it. He also has a good connection to our local groups and always gets free entry to their concerts, but he helps them as a roadie with putting up the instruments and packing them away after the concert.

    • I wouldn’t say I was a walking enyclopedia, not unless the encylopedia has ADD and frequently forgets their point. I’m the kind of person who starts out talking about the Bundesliga standings and ends up comparing the capacity of the stadiums. Or starts out telling a story about Jonas Hector but somehow ends up talking about Hennes the goat.
      Obsessive but random is the best description for it I think. I learn all there is to know about a subject too, I just don’t remember it all in the right order.

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