Thank you Zlatko/Fun in Frankfurt

As the title implies, I watched the Frankfurt game as planned. A good decision that was, they beat Hoffenheim 3-1 and cheered me up a little after last night. They’ve been struggling in recent weeks without their star hit-man Alexander Meier who with 19 goals is still top scorer this season but they weren’t struggling today with Bastian Oczipka, Haris Seferovich and Timothy Chandler getting on the score sheet. Three goals in sixteen minutes, TSG’s only goal was scored by Kevin Volland in the 51st minute and whilst it was a terrific free kick it was nothing more than a consolation goal, or as the German’s call it “ein Ehrentreffer” which translates literally as an “honour goal.”

The fun I had watching Frankfurt tear Hoffenheim apart was somewhat tainted by following the Hannover game at the same time, they went up 1-0 against Bremen in the 21st minute thanks to a Lars Stindl goal. If they had gone on to win that game it went have meant a return to the relegation zone for Freiburg, luckily for me and for them then that Zlatko Junuzovic equalised for Bremen in the 78th minute. Thank you Zlatko, thank you very much. I haven’t seen the goal yet but when I do I shall make a video of it, regardless of how good a goal it was, I shall make the video in his honour and hopefully post some pictures of him celebrating. I got a sticker of him today too, not my first of him, a double but still cool. I got Mehmedi and he scored, I get a double of Junuzovic and he scored, a goal which could prove very useful to us. I also got two Paderborn players in today’s packets. I hope that does not prove to be an omen, unless it’s predicting how many goals Wolfsburg will score against them. Here’s hoping I get some Wolfsburg players in tomorrow’s packets. Wolfsburg are without a win in three, let’s hope that they don’t make that four tomorrow.

Mainz, how I hate you. You beat Freiburg 3-2, fine fair enough, a game well played and all that. You took the three points fair and square. But then the next week when I need you to beat Hamburg, you don’t. And this week I need you to beat Stuttgart and you don’t. The relegation battle just got a lot tighter. There is just two points in it now. One point separates Stuttgart from the rest, they have thirty points and Paderborn, Hannover and Freiburg all have thirty-one. Just above them by one point is Hamburg with thirty-two. Tonight and the two weeks ahead just got even longer.

Elsewhere in the Bundesliga, Gladbach pulled off an excellent 3-0 win against Leverkusen meaning the battle for second place continues. The surprise of the day was Bayern losing 1-0 at home to Augsburg. In all competitions, they’ve now lost four games in a row. First the Pokal defeat to Dortmund, then the 2-0 loss to Leverkusen, the 3-0 Champions League defeat by Barcelona and now losing to their Bavarian compatriots Augsburg. I fear for next week even more now, will Bayern be demoralized and thus as a result Freiburg will have a shot at getting a draw or will they really be going all out for a victory to prove a point? If it’s the latter then they will be intent on destroying Freiburg and in a tight relegation race like this where goal difference could still play a part, that is not good news at all.

The video of all the goals and some pictures of Haris Seferovich celebrating and of Thomas Schaaf with the eagle:

Back-up link.

Seferovich celebrates - Frankfurt v TSG 1Seferovich celebrates - Frankfurt v TSG 2Thomas Schaaf and the eagle 1Thomas Schaaf and the eagle 2

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