Jogi & Hansi: The Dream Team

Post number 414, a Jogi & Hansi video and a story to match. Not so much a complete story, it’s the beginnings of an origins story to the whole thing, seeing as how the first chapter started with Jogi confessing his love I thought a little bit of history would be fun to write, the moment when he actually falls for Hansi. I may add some more to it later since I have an idea involving Jogi’s scarf but I’m unsure if it will fit or not, plus I kind of like the way it ends so I may decide to just leave it as it is.

Several songs, weeks and hundreds of pictures later, here it is, finally finished.

Verbotene Liebe – Jogi falls in love

Jogi knew Hansi had been the perfect choice right from the start and not just from a professional point of view. He was proving to be perfect in every other way too. He had already demonstrated his perfect sense of timing by being there for him to hug when he turned around, in his very first game. He hadn’t said anything or asked him to be there, he just was. It was just like it was with him and Klinsmann, right from the start. Except it was in some indefinable way even better, there was something special about Hansi. Something which Jogi had been aware of since that first time he had put his arm around him.

Later that night it was all he could think about, the feeling of Hansi’s arm as he took hold of him in return and of the impish smile on his face. Before he knew what he was doing he was thinking of what it would be like if Hansi were here lying next to him. Of how it would feel to be lying here wrapped in those arms. He did everything he could try and get such thoughts out of his head. On that count he failed miserably and as a result was still thinking about Hansi the next morning.

Hansi had been the last thing on his mind when he went to sleep and was the first thing on his mind when he woke up. Once more he thought of Hansi laying here next to him, picturing watching him sleep and wondering what it would feel like to gently take his hand in his. Such thoughts tormented him throughout the rest of the morning, as he showered and got dressed, as he sat down to breakfast next to him and as he sat down next to him on the coach for the journey to the airport. It was especially then that Jogi wished these thoughts would leave him in peace, sitting next to him here with their arms brushing up against one another. Hansi looked more adorable than ever with his eyes closed and his hair still wet from that morning’s shower. It was this last detail that Jogi found particularly troublesome. Because of this he kept picturing Hansi with him in the shower. Now that was an image he was never going to get out of his head.

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