Another letter from Hans-Dieter/Special Stickers of the Day

There were just too many possible titles for this post and all of them awesome. The other one I really liked was “Hansi’s Signed Sticker Adventure” with the first sentence being “This is not another one of Hansi’s stories.” I do actually have a sticker story about Hansi, but I haven’t decided about posting it or not. Given that I posted the first one, I may as well post the second one too, but there are some scenes in it that make me think otherwise.

Before the stickers themselves, the draw for the semi finals of the Champions League was this morning. Hansi’s story may have gotten a happy ending, but I did not get what I wanted. In fact I got quite the opposite, Bayern of course got drawn with Barcelona, consigning my Champions League dream to join my Pokal dream in the graveyard of football dreams.

That leaves Real Madrid and Toni Kroos to face Juventus. I hope Real Madrid prevail, not because of Kroos but because it was Juventus that knocked out Dortmund. Revenge for Roman.

It was only after I finished writing this that I realised, today is the 24th of the fourth month and this is post 403. Perfect in so many ways, not least because 4 plus 3 equals seven. Also because Hansi’s birthday is on the 24th February, so it’s only fitting that today’s post be about him. Just as it’s fitting that the 400th post was yesterday on the 23rd because Jogi’s birthday is on the 3rd February.

On the subject of Jogi, Freiburg visit Stuttgart tomorrow. I am nervously excited about it, the reverse of the fixture ended 4-1, it’s never nice to lose 4-1 at home, it’s even less so to lose like that to your local rivals. It is of course the Baden-Würrtemberg derby. I’m not making any predictions, both teams are very unpredictable at the moment. Both of them lost last weekend, Freiburg to Mainz and Stuttgart to Augsburg. Last weekend they did something that Freiburg are prone to doing, they started out well, even taking the lead and then threw it away. But they have been playing with more fight in them and they do have the home advantage, both of which makes me very nervous indeed.

And now here they are, four stickers signed by Hansi Flick:

Hansi Flick signed Euro 2012 sticker - Deutschland - Gemeinsam Geschichte SchreibenHansi Flick signed Euro 2012 sticker - Deutschland logoHansi Flick signed Euro 2012 sticker - Deutschland flagHansi Flick signed Euro 2012 sticker - Deutschland logo 2


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