Ticket Collection

My ticket collection so far, it includes tickets from all Germany’s games this campaign except for the Argentina game (not because I can’t get one, I’m not sure I want one, and it’s not because they lost either), three SC Freiburg tickets including one for the DFB Pokal semi final with VfB Stuttgart (I really want one from last season’s Pokal game with Stuttgart, not just because they actually won that one but also because of who was Stuttgart’s coach at the time), an unused Confederations Cup ticket, two Köln ones and a Dortmund v Bayern one. The last three are all from games that Hansi Flick played in. I haven’t yet come across tickets from any games Jogi played in, I’m not sure of my chances of being able to do so either, I should however be able to find some tickets from the time when he was in charge of Stuttgart. Obviously getting some DFB Pokal tickets or European Cup Winners tickets would be a great coup, but most probably very unlikely. I did however a few months ago find and win some programmes from the ECWC, so it may not prove impossible.

The only reason I don’t have more is because of the money I’ve been spending on stickers, once I’ve gotten all the past albums I need and a box of stickers for each, this is going to be my next collection to work on. Not my most important collection of course, a second one, still top priority is Germany games on DVD, nothing can be more important than that. Today I got another addition to that collection, the San Marino game from 2007. I’ve already seen the one from 2006, but thanks to a mix-up I now have two copies of that. Annoying in one way because it meant having to wait whilst the seller rectified his mistake but quite fortuitous in another because my first copy of the 2006 game is in German but is missing the first ten minutes or so, whereas the second copy whilst it has English commentary (which I don’t care for) is the full match, so it’s not all bad.

Germany v Scotland - ticketPoland v Germany - ticketGermany v Ireland - ticketGermany v Gibraltar - ticketSpain v Germany - ticketGermany v Australia - ticketGeorgia v Germany - ticketConfederations Cup 2005 - semi final ticketVfB Stuttgart v SC Freiburg - DFB Pokal semi final 2012-13 tickSC Freiburg v Hannover 96 - 2014-15 ticketHertha BSC v SC Freiburg - 2014-15 ticketBVB v FCB - 1985-86 ticketKöln v FCB - 1989-90 ticketKöln v Schalke 04 - 1991-92 ticket

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