Stupidly angry

Mad as a Hatter

Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

Just one time, because there are a lot times I get angry, often over really stupid things. People getting basic facts wrong, mispronouncing words or if I get something wrong myself. And people who lose the books I lend them. Too many times to pick just one, they are all pretty much the same anyhow. So I’ll pick something a little more light-hearted, it’s still something that’s important to me however, I’m just acknowledging that I know that these things would not be considered things to get enraged about. And yes I know, apparently I take things too seriously. I don’t believe that myself but everyone else does. It’s funny, writing about being angry, this has turned into a little bit of a rant.

There was the time someone mixed up Jürgen Klinsmann and Joachim Löw. And the time someone else mixed up Hansi Flick and Thomas Schneider, even worse they thought that it was Hansi that had been responsible for the prank that Jogi’s Stuttgart players played on him when they won the Pokal. A mistake like that is a friendship ender right there. It’s like forgetting what team someone supports, not just that. It’s the equivalent  of thinking someone is a Stuttgart fan when they are a Freiburg fan, or that they are a Bayern fan when they like Dortmund. A mistake which is absurd to make because Hansi of course played only for Bayern and Köln. Plus if he had played for Jogi at any point, trust me, everyone would know and remember that fact because you can guarantee I would be obsessed with such a fact and would never shut up about it.

And for the record, I don’t make those kinds of mistakes. I’m not holding them to a ridiculously high standard that I myself could never live up to. I remember important things about people, like their favourite show, who their favourite Avenger is, who their favourite actor is, which Doctor they like the best. It’s surely not too much to remember that I like Freiburg and what part of Germany they are from, or the important details about them. I don’t expect them to remember everything, just not to mix people up like that, especially when I really like one of them and really dislike the other one.

There was also the time someone who claimed to be a football fan didn’t know who Manuel Neuer was, didn’t know he was a goalkeeper, didn’t know who Mario Götze was or that he scored the goal that won the World Cup. However their biggest offense in my eyes was the fact that they knew who Oliver Bierhoff was but not Hansi Flick. Yes I know, Bierhoff played for Germany and was in the European Championship winning side of 1996 and Hansi never played for the senior team, that’s a fair point. But he did win four Bundesliga titles with Bayern, one DFB Pokal and played in the 1987 European Cup Final. Plus he took charge of Germany for one game in place of Joachim Löw at Euro 2008 because Löw was banned from the touchline.

There are also two other things that are guaranteed to enrage me, one serious and one football related. The first is people who misquote statistics in relation to disabled people and the so called welfare reforms, the people who continue to use the same numbers and quotes (certain newspapers and government ministers do this too) even after they have been deconstructed and proven to be false. The second is people who say Joachim Löw wrong, not just once but for the whole game, and it’s not just the American commentators either, the English ones are just as bad. If you can’t say his name, then either learn how to say it right or don’t say it all, surely you can refer to him without saying his name.

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