Clash of the Titans, almost.

I wrote that sentence last night in my post lamenting the fact that Freiburg had been knocked out of the Pokal and the fact that it looked like all the big teams would be left standing. That was unless, Gladbach had the good grace to lose to third division side Arminia Bielefeld. And lose they did, a most prophetic sentence did that turn out to be. I guess I owe Max Kruse (former SC Freiburg player) an apology, his equaliser for Gladbach was for nothing because they went on to lose the penalty shootout. Having already knocked out Hertha BSC and Werder Bremen, I guess Bielefeld weren’t content with that and wanted to knock out a real Bundesliga giant. They have a chance to slay an even bigger giant at the end of the month, the mighty wolves, since they got drawn with VfL Wolfsburg.

Which leaves Bayern München to face Borussia Dortmund. Bayern went through to the semis after knocking out Bayer 04 Leverkusen on penalties, a match I had the misfortune of seeing a large portion of, utter tedium was what the first half was. I missed most of the second half so can’t comment on that, I have the feeling I didn’t miss much. Thwarted of my dreams of an all German Champions League final in Berlin and now I find myself thwarted of seeing Dortmund potentially get revenge on Bayern in the Pokal final.

Still it should be a good match, just because Bayern won the two league encounters that counts for nothing here. Plus it’s a tough month ahead for them with their trip to Portugal next week and the home leg the week after. I imagine Dortmund will prove tough opponents given that this is their only chance for any silverware this season.

Bielefeld’s wikipedia page made for some interesting reading. The club was involved in match fixing in the 1970-71 season and as a punishment were demoted to the Regionalliga. Also a match between them and SC Preußen Münster in 1925 was the first football match to be broadcast on German radio. It’s the trivia related to their name that I found the most interesting, the word Arminia comes from the name of the Cheruscian (a Germanic tribe) Arminius who defeated a Roman army in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Also their goalkeeper is one Alexander Schwolow who is currently on loan from SC Freiburg.

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